How to Ensure That You Get Your Rental Deposit Back

Most tenants in the UK are shocked to discover just how hefty their rental deposit can be. There is no doubt that losing out on that sum of money when eventually vacating the premises would be a bitter pill to swallow. Unfortunately, tenancy deposit disputes have risen by over 40% over the period of the last few years. The biggest question is, however, how can you ensure that your money is protected? Here is some helpful advice to maximise your chances of holding onto it. 

Read and make sure you understand every aspect of your tenancy agreement 

The terms and conditions will state how to get your tenancy deposit back and this will be clearly highlighted in your tenancy agreement. Every agreement is different, so it is essential that you read through yours and raise any queries or concerns before signing it. When you are aware of these particular terms and conditions, you will have a much better chance of abiding by them. 

Look after the property 

Obviously, the biggest no-no is causing damage to the property in which you are staying. Although some accidents are simply unavoidable, there are many other forms of damage that can be easily prevented. Remember, there is a difference between damage and general wear and tear, so make doubly certain that this is outlined in your tenancy agreement. Furthermore, if any damage does occur while you are living there, be sure to report it to your landlord timeously so that it can be properly attended to before getting worse. 

Pay up 

Your landlord will have the right to keep your deposit if you have neglected to pay your rent for any period of time. They will also be able to use the deposit to pay off any outstanding bills relating to your stay on the property. Therefore, you can increase your chances of getting it back in full by keeping up with your payments. 

Leave it in great condition 

The state in which you leave the premises after vacating will go a long way towards helping you secure your rental deposit. This is why it is always worthwhile to hire the best end of tenancy cleaners Fulham has to offer. Many of these types of cleaners and cleaning companies offer you a guarantee that you will get your entire tenancy deposit back. Obviously, if there was expensive damage that occurred during your time living there, this factors into their guarantee. From a cleanliness perspective, however, you can rest assured that your landlord will be more than satisfied with the results. 

When will I get my rental deposit back? 

The law states that you and your landlord must agree upon the amount that you will be getting back shortly after the landlord has conducted an inspection on the property. Once your landlord has come to an agreement with you, you will receive your rental deposit within 10 days. 

Hopefully, your move will be stress-free and without any complications or unexpected surprises. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind and it should mean smooth sailing all the way to your new home.

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