How to Ensure Your Wedding Reception Venue Looks Romantic

Your wedding reception decor plays a huge part in creating the romantic ambience you want for your special day. Think about the overall feel you’re going for – elegant and sophisticated or fun and quirky? Keep your wedding theme in mind and choose decor elements that complement each other.

Choosing the Perfect Decor to Set the Mood

Soft twinkling lights such as fairy lights or candles create a dreamy intimate setting. Lighting is key – opt for lamps and low lighting rather than harsh overheads. Lanterns lining the aisle or scattered around the venue also look enchanting.

Fabrics like tulle, chiffon and lace add a feminine touch. Use them for chair bows, table runners or backdrop curtains. Floral arrangements are a must – go for roses, peonies or hydrangeas in romantic pastel shades or deeper reds and pinks. Have your florist use plenty of foliage for an organic, whimsical look.

Work with a luxury wedding florist like Corky and Prince. Pick a focal feature like a flower wall, hanging floral hoops or a dancefloor with your names illuminated to really wow guests. Pay attention to smaller details too – sprinkle rose petals on tables, tie ribbons around cutlery, or add tea light candles for extra ambience.

Transforming the Space

Making a few key enhancements can turn an everyday venue into something special. Uplighting washes the room in a soft romantic glow – choose a pale pink or purple hue. Drape dreamy fabric over walls or ceilings to hide anything unsightly.

Set up a cosy lounge area with comfy sofas, ottomans and coffee tables so guests can take a break from the dancefloor. Or create fun private nooks by draping fabric over support beams. Use decorative screens or foliage to zone areas.

Spruce up plain walls with floral art, romantic quotes or photos of your relationship journey. Hang paper parasols, pom poms or origami cranes from the ceiling. Use chalkboards to display your menus, seating plan or romantic love quotes.

Table Settings for an Intimate Feel

Your table decor and centerpieces are critical in creating a loved-up vibe. Low centerpieces allow guests to see each other. Opt for loosely arranged wildflowers in vintage jugs or birdcages. Surround with plenty of tea lights in jars or hurricanes for ambient light.

Placecards in intricate frames double as romantic keepsakes for guests. Name each table after destinations that are meaningful to you both. Scatter small potted succulents or herbs at each place setting for an organic look.

Use plated courses rather than buffets, so guests can enjoy an intimate fine dining experience. Offer signature cocktails named after your couple nickname or wedding theme. Favours like mini bottles of alcohol, scented candles or lottery tickets add a fun, personalised touch.

By focusing on the details and ambience you want, you can transform your wedding venue into an enchanting space that reflects your romantic style and love story. Don’t be afraid to add plenty of personal touches so it feels warm and welcoming for both you and your guests. With the right lighting, decor and table settings, you can create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere.

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