How To Get a High-End Look On a Budget When Renovating Your Home

Starting a renovation project while having high-end tastes will probably end up with a dazzling, aesthetically-pleasing result, especially if you have the money for it. But, what happens if your budget is on the low-end? The good news is that you can still get the luxury you want, even if many of the elements of a dream home are beyond your means. You will soon realise that with some creativity and a little research, your home renovation will deliver a superior result for less.

Tip #1: Choose your battles wisely

Remodelling the entire house will cost a fortune, whether you have expensive tastes or not. Better choose projects that will make the biggest impact and add excellent resale value to your home. That way, you will have the best ROI (return on investment) and create the foundations to gain more profits out of selling your property in the long run. So, besides taking care of the basic structural problems you may have, such as a broken furnace or a leaky roof, the best places worth spending money on are the kitchen and the bathroom.

Tip #2: Use look-alike materials

Glazed, tempered glass countertops is a very popular trend that gives the kitchen a light, modern, and almost ethereal look. However, their price tag is quite forbidding. If you absolutely love the effect of a glass countertop, you could consider its cheaper and more eco-friendly cousin, Chroma countertops, which are made of recycled acrylic and come in a variety of colours.

Likewise, you can replace reclaimed wood with butcher block, marble with porcelain, wood with melamine, and tile with vinyl, laminate (for flooring), beadboard or wood panels, when the waterproof properties of tile are not needed. You will create a warm, high-end feel without breaking the bank.  

Tip #3: Save on cabinets

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are in good shape, there is no need to ditch them with new ones. You can update them with a fresh coat of paint and a simple hardware replacement. Now, since a painted finish could become a costly option if you are not a competent handyman or DIYer (you will need to dry and sand the cabinets a few times before you can paint them), a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) finish is a great solution to consider. It comes in both matte and high gloss, a plethora of colours, and resembles paint.

Thermofoil (plastic that is heated and moulded over engineered wood) is a similar option that gives you the aesthetics of wood and enables you to choose between several fashionable looks, including shaker-style cabinets. Now, if you must replace your cabinets, purchasing stock, pre-fab pieces will allow you to have new cabinets at half the price (or less) compared to custom-made ones.

Tip #4: Go for double glazing

Use your windows to your advantage to turn an ordinary room into a fantastic, awe-inspiring space without spending up big. This critical aspect of renovation can have a profound effect on how a space looks. Although many homeowners consider double glazing a high-priced option, you’d be surprised to find out how economical it can be if you do some research. For example, K Glazing, who are accredited and certified professionals offer extremely competitive prices for the creation of bespoke glass projects.

Plus, you also save on energy bills, insulate your home, which makes it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reduce condensation and noise, limit long-term maintenance costs (uPVC windows are extremely durable and can resist chipping, peeling, corrosion, and the elements) and enhance the resale value of the home, to name a few. Definitely, a task that should be considered for all projects.

Tip #5: Keep the bathroom layout as is

One of the biggest expenses when renovating a bathroom comes when you want to move plumbing to change the layout of the bathtub or toilet. Instead of dragging yourself into a project that could cost you thousands, try keeping your existing pipes and use your money to, say, get a new tub or new bathroom fixtures, such as a steam shower. Sometimes, all a bathroom needs to look fresh, inviting, and luxurious is a few touch-ups. New, white bath linens, a light neutral paint colour, a beautiful rug, and some fancy accessories will probably be more than enough to give you the high-end look you seek.

Tip #6: Try remnants

Another tip is to look for stone remnants if you love stone countertops, like quartz, marble or granite. Stone remnants are either slabs that were accidentally broken in house or transit and cannot be sold in their full size anymore, or pieces that were fabricated incorrectly or for showroom/trade shows, or large, leftover pieces from a project. If the size fits you (you will definitely find something small enough for your bathroom countertop) then why not have that at a fraction of the price you would pay for a stone countertop?

Now, if you have done all that, you will probably have some money left to add touches of high-end materials, such as solid wood, crystal, antique gold, marble or leather. Just keep your eyes peeled because such items can be found everywhere, from yard sales to high-end furnishing sores. And, let’s not forget that a small access piece with some glitz (try metallics, such as a mirrored tray) can really go a long way.

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