How to Increase Your Active Hours When Working from Home

Working from home may seem like a dream come true for many people. However, following the pandemic, most people have realized how hard working from home can be. 

Getting quality work done from home can be challenging, whether you are living with family or alone. Below are some tips to help increase your active hours when working from home;

Get up after every hour

One of the reasons many people have a hard time working for more hours is the discomfort. Staying sedentary for long hours can cause physical discomfort and may harm your health. Therefore, most people are demotivated to keep working after a few hours. 

Thus, getting up and moving around for a couple of minutes after every hour can help. You can set a timer to remind you to get up and move around for a few minutes after working for an hour. This way, when you get back on the desk, you are good to go for longer. 

Get the right furniture

The right furniture can also increase your active hours when working from home. Using inappropriate furniture can cause backaches and physical discomforts that can keep you from working longer and increase your productivity. The market features numerous ergonomic pieces of furniture you can get for working from home, like varicose veins standing desk

Using the right furniture will ensure your comfort and prevent health issues while working from home. This way, you can improve your productivity. 

Have a dedicated workspace

Setting aside a dedicated workspace can also help increase your active hours. The greatest challenge people face when working from home is the constant distraction from family members and other things. For instance, working near the kitchen can be distracting as you could get distracted by the thought of food or appliances. 

On the other hand, working in the living room or near the TV can be incredibly distracting. Setting aside a workspace will help you create a working atmosphere and encourage productivity. 

Setting boundaries and avoiding procrastination

If you live with family or have friends frequently visiting your home, you also need to set boundaries to increase your active hours. Setting boundaries with your friends and family includes letting them know that you are not available during working hours and not entertaining sudden pop-ups or distractions. 

In simpler terms, you must learn to train people on how to treat your worktime. On the other hand, you can increase your active working hours by avoiding procrastination. 

Creating a schedule

Creating a schedule includes setting aside time for daily activities like working out, doing chores, and working hours. Your schedule also needs to include clocking in and out and break times. Planning your days helps give you a flow and ensures that you do not neglect important activities. 

Do not forget to include personal time and meal times in your schedule. Creating a schedule can also help you set boundaries with your family and friends. You can also create a long-term plan if your remote work is not temporary. 


Working from home does not have to be hard. The tips above will help you increase your productivity and active hours. Maintaining human contact can also help your mental health when working from home. You can do this by face timing with your colleagues or setting aside time to spend time with family and friends.

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  • Yes, having a divided place for work is essential. But if you work from home, try to get out from time to time to work at least twice a week. Just to change the scenery. It will help you to keep a work-life balance. For this, you can choose something like a local cafe. However, if you quickly lose concentration, the talks of cafe visitors can also distract you. In this case, consider the coworking space. Even though it’s not free, there is the most favorable environment for work. And many people notice that they work more productive from there.