How to Keep Your Home Safe from Burglars this Summer

Did you know summer months have the most significant number of break-ins? While you pack your bags and travel to some tropical island, burglars are left plotting how to steal from you. Before you call that cab and head for the airport, take a look around your compound to see if there are any loopholes that a burglar can use.

 Think like a thief and take care of any access point from doors, windows, attic, and garage and remove any tree or ladder that someone can use to climb up your house. Be sure to also take the spare key from that rock in front because that is the first thing thieves check.

Once you are satisfied that you have sealed everything, use these tips to secure your home even further.

1.     Activate your security system

If you haven’t installed a home security system yet, you should consider getting one before you leave. Not only will it alert you and the police in case of an intruder, but it can hold and keep the burglars from getting into your house.

Choose a home security system that comes with cameras outdoors  around your perimeter, alarm system, and smart operation so you can control it from wherever you are. Some alarm systems even allow you to use the microphone remotely, so if a thief tries to speak through the intercom, you can answer them.

2.     Leave the right impression

Burglars know that not everyone goes on vacation, so they check for some telltale signs. Are your mail and newspaper starting to pile up? Does your lawn look a bit neglected? Is there any sign of a human being in the compound?

Even if all of you are leaving, make sure you pause your mail and newspaper delivery or tell the neighbor to be picking it for you. You also have to mow the lawn and clean up the compound before you leave. If you have a security system, it will switch on the lights every evening and turn them off at dawn. However, you can also just have led sensor lights that come on when they sense movement.

3.     Burglar-proof your house

On top of your home security system, make sure you burglar-proof any entrance. For instance, many doors can be kicked in if someone tried hard enough. Make sure you fortify the door to make it burglar-proof. You must also do the same for windows to ensure someone can’t break the glass and open it from inside. Take care of every entrance, including garage door and windows, attic, and backdoor.

Taking these measures to protect your home from burglars will do 90% of the job. The other 10% is locking up valuables in a safe, keeping your trip memoirs off the internet, and asking your neighbor to keep an eye out for you. You can also take a taxi to the airport and leave your car at home, so people won’t know that you have left.

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