How to Make Sure Grandparents Feel Loved This Christmas

Loneliness is sadly not an uncommon issue within the senior community, and the Christmas period can be a particularly tough time. While you might have a good relationship with your elderly parents, during the festive period it’s even more important to make them feel included and to show them some love. If you are worried that the grandparents in your family might be struggling with loneliness and isolation, here are some tips on how to make sure they feel loved.

Invite Them to Spend Christmas with You

The best way to make grandparents feel included and loved is by inviting them to stay with you at Christmas. They might turn down your invitation, but the fact that you asked will still mean a lot to them. Of course, this option might not be suitable for everyone as there are a variety of circumstances that might make it difficult to host grandparents at your house for Christmas, but if you can, it’s worth asking them. 

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Visit Them at Christmas Time

An alternative to the above is taking yourself and your family to see your parents at Christmas instead. Even if you don’t stay with them on Christmas day, visiting in the days around it will still be a lovely gesture and make sure that they haven’t spent the entire festive period alone. If you have siblings or cousins, see if you can arrange a family get-together during this time so the grandparents get to see everyone.

Make Sure They are Given Thoughtful Gifts

Gifts are all part of the fun at Christmas, and getting someone a thoughtful gift that they will love is a great way to show your affection for them. However, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what someone would like as a present, especially if they are being vague about what they want. If you are struggling to figure out what the grandparents in your family would enjoy as a gift, look on sites like this one that have a range of Christmas gifts for grandparents to help inspire you. 

Video Chats and Phone Calls

If you aren’t going to see the grandparents in person over the holidays, the next best thing you can do is arrange a video call with them. While it isn’t quite the same, allowing them to see you and their grandkids and talk over Skype, Zoom, or another video calling platform is a great way to stay in touch and make sure that they don’t feel so alone. It could be in the morning so that they get to see the kids unwrapping their presents, or some other time before you eat your Christmas dinner. You could even arrange to play some games with them for some festive fun. If they aren’t able to join a video chat, calling them on the phone for a conversation is the alternative, and you could even put them on speakerphone so that it’s easier to talk to everyone at the same time.

Christmas is a time to spend with your loved ones, and if you are worried about the grandparents in your family feeling lonely during this time, consider the tips above and how you can make sure that they feel included and appreciated.

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