How to Make your Pool Area Inviting

Maintaining a pool area isn’t just about keeping it safe, though that is obviously the most important aspect when you’re enjoying the pool, especially if you have little ones that are dipping their toes in. 

Once you’ve done the work to set up and maintain the pool, it’s time to put some effort into the area surrounding the pool to make it an inviting area. After all, a pool is more than just a big hole of water; it’s a place to congregate with friends and family, to lie beside on a sunny afternoon, or to have a glass of wine next to on a clear night. 

Switch up the lighting

If you have a fence around your pool, or your roof eaves hang near it, you can light up your pool area with some Lepro 240v led strips. With the addition of ambient lighting, you can turn your daytime area into a great evening escape. Just make sure the fun lighting you use is waterproof since it could be getting splashed or rained on. There are even fun ways to integrate colorful LED lights into your already installed lights if you’re looking to change up the vibe. 

Pool accessories

One water feature just isn’t enough sometimes. When that’s the case, try turning your pool into a fountain with the easy addition of a floating sprinkler or sprinkler that threads into one of the jets of your pool. This add-on acts as a fun decoration, often accompanied by solar LED lights, and can work to cool the pool down a bit on the super hot days.

If you’d like to get even fancier, you can have an outside shower next to the pool to rinse off before hopping in, or to remove any chlorine or salt after you have swum a few laps. There are some beautiful options available like this spa-like bamboo shower

Add some shade

Relaxing in the pool is one way to keep cool, but on hot days, lounging on a towel in the heat of the sun can be downright miserable, and remembering to slather sunscreen on your kids every 45 minutes can feel more like a chore than an enjoyable summer afternoon. 

Add some shade to your pool area, and scoot those lounge chairs beneath a large umbrella or summer gazebo. A casual gazebo can be a great place for a variety of activities, from escaping the rays of the sun after a dip in the pool to using it as a space for outdoor yoga in the morning. If you don’t have quite enough space for a full gazebo, consider installing a large umbrella over your patio furniture. This will make sure your pool area is inviting for both the guests that want to bake in the sun or relax in the shade when they join you for a bbq or pool party. 

Some final thoughts

While making the pool area a fun place to be, the most important aspect is absolutely about making sure it is a safe pool area, so make sure that you’re keeping that in mind as you integrate some fun options around the pool. 

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