How to Market Your Blog When it’s in a Unique Niche

There’s nothing harder than trying to get your blog off the ground. You have to compete with so many similar blogs. On the other hand, you may be in a situation where you have to market a blog that’s in a unique niche. Getting people to visit this page or that page can be difficult since you don’t necessarily have a huge audience to aim for.

But it’s possible to build a blog that happens to be in a niche, and this guide is going to show you how.


Find Your Audience

Regardless of whether you are in a unique niche or not, you still need to find out who you are marketing to. It’s still necessary to know your target audience. Finding your audience is about knowing their likes, dislikes, and where they like to hang out.

This will make sure that you are only marketing in the places where they actually are. It makes no sense to promote a business blog on Pinterest, for example. A platform like Pinterest would be way better for fashion, home or lifestyle blogs.

Write Content they Will Respond To

A lot of blog owners have a misconception that they are writing content and then trying to get people to see it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The aim of the game is to get people to come to your content of their own accord. It’s how the biggest blogs continue to make gains. This is done by finding out what people like to hear about. Don’t write content and hope people respond. Write content that you know people will respond to.

Go Trendy

The problem with evergreen content is that even in unique niches people have heard it all before. You need to do something different. Tap into what people are talking about in your niche now. Think about how you can take those trends and spin it into a post.

This way you can easily spread it around on social media and get more engagement. The more people share a piece of content around the more people will read your blog.

Think about Guest Posting

Guest posting is no longer about getting as many backlinks as possible. It’s about making sure that you are reaching a brand new audience and giving your current audience something new and interesting. When searching for opportunities, don’t look at how big the blog is but what that blog can do for your niche.

Remember, you are in a small area and thus simply picking the most popular blogger you can find isn’t necessarily the best option.

How are You Going to Make this Work in the Long-Term?

Your long-term blogging future relies on a constant stream of new readers. The way to make this work in a small niche is to play to your strengths. Write for that niche audience and don’t attempt to be something you’re not. Diluting your content to appeal to a broader range of people is entirely the wrong way to go.

How will you make sure that your blog thrives today? Would you add any tips?



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