How to plan a top summer party

With the summer months coming, there’s the prospect of sunshine and warmth; prospect, not promise, it is the UK after all! Let’s think positively. If you like have friends and family around, why not start to think about organizing a summer garden party? It can be a great way to get everyone together for food and drinks and to catch up. Don’t know where to start? Here are the basics of planning a top summer party.

Get the venue ready

If you have a good bit of garden space at the back of your home, then it’s perfect for a summer party! Think about how you will arrange everyone outside, in terms of where people can sit, eat and drink. Some people will be happy to stand, but you may have older guests who would prefer to be sitting down at a table.

If you have a conservatory or patio area, think about how you can make the best use of the space. You may want to open up all the doors so that people can move around easily from the main house and into all the other areas.

How’s the outside space looking though? Is it ready for a party? Has the winter taken its toll on the grass and plants? Is it looking a bit wild? Maybe it’s time to get out there and give your garden some TLC to get it back in great condition for when you host your party over the coming months.

You may want to consider adding some outside lighting too, which can make a real difference to any event by not only brightening things up when the sun goes down but also creating a great atmosphere. Check out companies like Simple Lighting for some inspiration.

If you don’t have a garden, or it’s too small to host a party, then you could always look at holding a picnic or smaller event in a local park or another public area.

Sort the food and drink

You have your venue, so you now need to start thinking about the catering for your summer party. As the host, are you going to be providing all the food and drink for your guests? That can prove expensive and challenging in terms of catering for all tastes. You could ask your guests to each bring a dish, or at least a bottle of wine, or their favourite non-alcoholic beverage.

If you are providing the food, then consider the most efficient way of doing it, and one which isn’t going to break the bank. You could have a BBQ, cooking different types of meat dishes for your guests. Instead of just burgers and sausages, you could make your own kebabs and spice up some chicken breasts. Have a look around online at some food sites and blogs for summer food inspiration.

Remember, not everyone eats meat, so you need to provide some other food options too including vegetarian and vegan maybe. Check with your guests in advance if they have any specific requirements.

As well as the catering, think about entertainment too. Some recreational betting or something like poker could be a fun idea, just be sure to look at CSGO betting advice if you need help.

Will your neighbours mind you playing low-level music? Maybe you want to organise some party games too!

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