How to Plan and Research When Looking for a Travel Destination

Planning and organizing a trip is one of those sweet problems we all love. Researching, picking the destination, accommodation, transport and all should be planned in advance so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

If you aren’t a fan of travel agencies then I am sure you would love to read my organisation tips before you start planning your next trip.

1.    Where do you want to go – The answer to the most important question will give the tone to the rest of your organization. Your destination will dictate your budget, the way you travel, how long you will stay, the clothes you should pack and so on.

2.    Who you go with – Another important thing is your company. Is this a solo vacation, an adventure with your friends, or a slow and relaxed journey with your family? Either way, your company will affect your trip a lot, so it should be carefully planned so everyone has a good time.

3.    Book rooms and transportation – Now that you know where you are going, it’s time to book your place. If you travel with children, then you already know that your accommodation should have it all to ease up your stay (kitchen, big bathroom or two, Wi-Fi, a TV, comfy beds, good location from where you could quickly go the center and the bus station or airport without problems).  Transportation is crucial also, so once you get there (by bus, train, plane), you will still have to think of your transportation, especially if you are with children.

4.    Booking tours – I know that some people prefer walking around the city and explore it that way, but for me, it’s not that simple, mainly because I always travel with my family. It’s not quite easy to organize your vacation when you are with kids, which is why booking a tour is a must for us. It simplifies everything and thanks to Barcelona tours, we had a very laidback experience a few months ago.

5.    Pick the places you want to see – Sometimes sticking to a list with the sites you want to visit will help you see everything. Naturally, you can’t see every museum, go to every show, see every fortress or beach, but you can pick the ones that genuinely intrigue you and spend quality time without actually having to run from one place to other.

6.    Passport, credit cards, cash – Picking a travel destination (especially in other countries) goes hand in hand with having an updated passport. I usually make a copy of my passport (or take a picture of the first page, just in case). When it comes to money, check the currency, whether you should change your money in advance, seek exchange offices locations and so on. If you don’t trust exchange offices, simply use your card.

7.    Visa – Some countries require visas. Get info about this, because some countries will ask you to come to their embassy for an interview, while others will ask you to fill in a form and pay a specific fee for it.

8.   Write down essential passwords and pins – Remembering a password or a pin is a serious challenge these days when our computers and phones do that for us. Write down this stuff and keep the paper safe. Or, you can write it all in your phone or an e-mail draft just in case. Also, write down the phone number of your bank, only in case (you might lose your cards, so you will have to block them as fast as possible).

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