How to Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Meal at Home


Valentine’s Day meals at restaurants can be overrated. You spend all week trying to book a table and then, when the big night arrives, you are sitting among lots of other annoyingly loved-up couples and served overpriced food by overstretched waiting staff. Cut out the drama and follow these simple rules from Clever Clicker to enjoy a relaxed and romantic night at home.

Set the scene

If you share a home with your partner, simply eating at your everyday dining table might not create the special atmosphere you are looking for. Lay the table with a tablecloth in Valentine’s colours, such as red or pink, and add candles for a soft, golden glow. A flower arrangement won’t go amiss either. While your everyday dining table will be fine for the occasion, it might be worth investing in a smaller, more intimate table for date nights. Online home store Clever Clicker sells a range of square and round tables that are perfect for setting a special mood, especially if your normal dining table is used for family meals.

Less is more

While you may have visions of producing a cordon bleu masterpiece for your loved one, remember that they want to spend quality time with you rather than seeing you briefly as you run in and out of the kitchen. By keeping your choices simple and elegant, you can prepare dishes in advance and spend less time slaving over a hot stove.


Sip something special

While you might be playing on the safe side with a simple home-cooked meal, why not push the boat out with an adventurous mocktail or indulgent bottle of bubbly? Design a cocktail you know your partner will love, using his or her favourite ingredients. Even the simplest concoction of fruit juice with a splash of sparkling wine or water will look beautiful served in elegant champagne flutes. By avoiding restaurants, you are already saving money; therefore, this is a great opportunity to treat yourselves to some quality wine to accompany your meal.

End on a sweet note

Finish your perfect meal with something sweet and light, such as a chocolate mousse, lemon torte or strawberry shortcake with fresh cream. By keeping it light, you won’t feel too stuffed to continue your romantic evening. If you are planning a main course that is on the complicated side, give yourself a break and buy a dessert. You can never go wrong with bakery-fresh brownies, meringues or macaroons.

Keep costs, and tensions, low this year and throw your sweetheart a private dinner party for two in your own home. Delicious food, select company and − best of all − you don’t even have to tip.



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