How to Raise Money for Your New Year’s Resolution Fitness Challenge

The New Year has arrived and as always, the whole world is raving about how this year is going to be the best one yet. Many will be setting those all important New Year’s Resolutions, usually a list full of good intentions. It’s all well and good doing this, but how will you make sure the goals are met? Why not share some of your resolutions with your loved ones so they can help support you on your ‘New Year, New You’ journey?

If you’re signing up for a fitness challenge to kick the New Year off with a bang, you could always hit two birds with one stone by raising money for your desired charity. Set yourself a New Year’s resolution that is going to be a genuine challenge for you. Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or a total amateur, people are often inclined to sponsor you if it’s for a worthy cause.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out these ideas:

  • If you want to do something as a part of a group, look no further than Tough Mudder, an exhausting but brilliant outdoor obstacle course. Make the muddy miles count and use the pain to do some good by raising much needed cash for a worthy cause. You can get charity wristbands of all shapes, colours and inscriptions to unify your group during your challenge!
  • A marathon could be one of the most challenging goals you’ll ever achieve – particularly if you don’t love running! Running a marathon, half marathon or triathlon is pretty hardcore; no matter how much training you’ve had, almost everyone requires extra motivation to give you the final push in order to complete such a long distance.
  • If cycling is your thing, find a challenging route that appeals to you. The Coast to Coast route is just one of the many great cycle routes worthy of charitable donation. It’s a justifiably favoured route as well as an intense challenge, covering an insane 225km within the space of three days. Raising money for a charity gives purpose to your cycle; you’ll find that if you hit a wall you may be tempted to give up. Cycling for a cause that’s personal to you, will allow you to power through.
  • If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie then skydiving is the clear choice for your charity challenge. Most of us would never dream of jumping out of a plane however it’s amazing what some of us will do for charity! So, if you do decide that this is the challenge for you, collecting sponsorship should be easy! No training necessary, relaxation techniques essential!
  • If you want to do something a little alternative, then taking on a sponsored trek could be exactly what you are looking for. This is a great option if you’d like to get the whole family involved. Whether you choose a route close to home or far away, there are plenty of routes for you to sink your teeth into. You could climb Mount Snowdon, scale the Three Peaks, or go further a field and embark upon the Great wall of China. The world really is your oyster with this challenge. 

Participating in sporting events for charity has become more and more popular throughout the years. Athletes find running, walking or cycling for others is one of the most self-serving things you can do. It gives athletes and beginners a better focus and motivates them to complete their challenge when they’re doing it for a good cause.

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