How to Select the Best Private Jet Charters

A wide range of private jets ranging from Light Jets to bigger aircrafts are used in commercial travel. Whether you are chartering a private jet for the first time or have done it before, you’d know that there are several aspects to think through, apart from the aircraft’s size. 

A lot depends on your requirement, the number of passengers you want to carry, destination, any other special need, etc. This article looks into some of the factors one should consider while selecting private jet charters.

Aircraft Capacity 

You want an aircraft that can comfortably accommodate the number of people in your group. If you are travelling alone, of course, even a small 2-seater jet would be fine. When travelling in a group, you will want to consider other people travelling and where you will all fit in. A private plane charter website like Jettly will be able to give you an idea of what size planes are available and the costs for each.

For instance, elderly, senior citizens, or people on the heavier side might need a larger space or larger legroom to be more comfortable. The size of the aircraft you select will also depend on the distance to be travelled. The bigger the plane is, the further it will fly non-stop.

Age of the Plane 

This is again important not just from the technical aspect but also for the kind of amenities available. For instance, recliner chairs, beds, Wi-Fi, onboard entertainment, etc., may not be available on older aircraft. These may be important in long-distance travel. It is best to check with the charter flight company or provider to know what’s available. 

Luggage Requirement 

If you are travelling in a group, you have to be mindful of the luggage each person will be carrying. Larger and heavier items like Ski and Golf bags require more space. Of course, the larger the space, the more space for baggage, but then it depends on the number of passengers.  Therefore, when booking, you should mention any specific luggage needs so things can go smoothly.

Aircraft Speed and Performance 

If time is important, you need an aircraft that travels fast. Of course, fuel charges go up, and costs may increase. Be mindful of the speed while choosing the aircraft, it’s overall performance is also going to be an important factor in how comfortable the flight is. For instance, a smaller jet is a lot faster than bigger aeroplanes, however it may not be quite as relaxed a journey due to turbulence taking effect. Make sure you discuss this point with the air charter company in detail so they can recommend an aircraft best suited to your preferences. Beyond the aircraft itself, it’s important to choose a charter company that utilises an experienced maintenance team. Having a good quality maintenance team will ensure that components are running properly to operate at high speeds. They’ll also take care of commonly replaced parts such as aircraft tires on a frequent basis to ensure that the flight is safe in all aspects.


Finally, the most important decision making factor – Costs. Usually, private jet charters are billed by the hour, and prices may vary tremendously depending on the type of aircraft, speed, destination, amenities, etc. Other charges like ramp fees (if parked at the airport for a long duration), landing fees, fuel, Federal excise tax, etc. may add to the final bill. 

If you’re new to private jet charters, you may find it helpful to work with a broker who will have access to a number of private jet operators and help you get the best deal based on your requirements. Here, you’ll have to pay some brokerage charges to them apart from the cost. 

Alternatively, you can connect directly with private charter jet operators regarding your air charter requirements if you so prefer. With a little bit of foresight and planning, you can get the best possible deal and can relax knowing that your air travel will be in safe hands.

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