How To Stay Young Both Physically and At Heart

Everyone wants to stay young, in the sense that they look youthfu, but also feel sprightly, active, and full of life. Staying young physically, or rather looking after your health, is simple enough as you need to ensure that you eat as part of a varied diet, drink plenty of water, avoid sun damage, and steer clear of stress wherever you can. 

Remaining young at heart is slightly more challenging, however, and it largely involves simply refusing to age, or ageing gracefully. Ageing is extremely nuanced, as some feel as though they’re not a day over twenty despite being the ripe old age of seventy or over. 

Feeling young isn’t always possible as some are met with mobility issues and pain as they age; however, this guide is going to try and help you pave your way toward staying physically healthy of full of youthful vigour for the future. 

Don’t Neglect Your Senses 

Stay young at heart by keeping busy, surrounding yourself with culture and youth, and always being willing to learn and explore. Find hobbies that work your brain and keep it thinking logically as well as creatively. Try walking in nature and take an easel so that you can draw, reading books, playing board games with your family members, going swimming, and watching films and going to see movies. Ensure that your hearing is as good as it can be so that you never miss out by contacting specialists at, try new foods and flavours, and don’t forget about the pleasure in spending time surrounded by young children. 

Stay Supple 

Stay supple by ensuring that you’re: 

  • Getting the essential nutrients and vitamins your body craves. Take the likes of multivitamin tablets, as well as vitamin C, cod liver oil, vitamin D, and magnesium. If you’re unsure as to what you might need more than others, then conduct your own research and consult your GP. 
  • Continuing to exercise every single day. Stop giving yourself excuses and leave the house to go for a half an hour walk instead of plonking yourself down in front of the television. Practice yoga and Pilates as they’re low impact and can stretch out your muscles and continue to keep them toned and supple. 
  • Looking after your back health. Don’t let a niggling pain become a larger issue by ignoring it. Instead, go to see your GP, a chiropractor, or a massage therapist to diagnose the problem with your back and affected areas before your mobility and independence is impacted. 

Stay supple by tending to the garden, with a running or cycling machine, or simply choosing to walk instead of taking the car for short journeys. 

Look After Your Heart Health

The health of your heart is crucial to the overall running of your human body. Your heart continually works hard to keep you healthy, well, and active, so give a little back. Cut down your salt intake as well as trans fats (the kind found in red meats), put it through its paces with at least thirty minutes of exercise each day, maintain a healthy weight, cut down on excessive alcohol consumption, and ditch the cigarettes.

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