How to Stop Your Car Engine from Becoming Broken All the Time

There are a lot of very easy to do things that you can keep in as good practice for your car that are going to keep your engine running with ease. Guidelines are there to help you, they are not arbitrary. Follow them and your vehicle will respond in kind.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Service Schedule

Whenever you purchase a vehicle there are going to be service guidelines that tell you when the recommended time for a service is. 

A lot of cars even have this built into the same warning system that tells you when your tires are low on air pressure and when your oil needs to be changed. 

These alerts are there to help you, not to harangue you.

Check Your Fluids And Change Them On Schedule

Your car is signed to run in a certain way, and because of that, there is certainty on when certain things need to be handled.

You are going to need to check your oil once a month, on average – the light will probably come on.

Every time you check your oil you should check your brake fluid as well.

Your engine coolant is less frequent, and twice a year should suffice.

With your transmission fluid, 30,000 to 6000 miles is good, and you may want to add some Transmission Additive at that point, which will help with any seal leaks and transmission hard shifting issues.

Change The Timing Belt, Air Filter, Fuel Filter

These parts are cheap and easy to change, and like all of the other items we are talking about – not doing them is going to do a lot of damage, and that means a lot of money, which no one wants. The air filter should be changed every 15,000 to 30,000 miles; 50,000 to 70,000 for your timing belt; and 20,000 to 40,000 for your fuel filter.

Check Your Battery

If you want your car to start your battery needs to be looked after. It is going to be with you for 5 to 7 years, and that is going to be an easier target to hit if you use the car daily and the battery is kept fully charged. Are the terminals good, or is there corrosion build upon them? Have you drained it by leaving the headlights on? You may need to replace it.

Buy Good Quality Products

This may not always be the easiest thing to do, but it makes a lot of sense that if you put substandard products into your car you are going to get substandard performance. Your car is a big investment, and it is likely an integral part of your daily life, so having to operate without it is going to be difficult.

Have A Good Mechanic

Having a reliable mechanic who educates you and makes sure that you take care of what aspects of your car you can is invaluable. They do good work, treat you fairly, and make sure you stick to the schedule you need to observe in order to make sure your vehicle keeps rolling.


Nothing that is required of you to keep your car running smoothly, and to stop that engine from becoming broken all the time is that hard to do. If you are unable to do most of the procedures are fairly inexpensive. But really, a lot of it you can do yourself.

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