How to Survive If Your Central Air Quits This Summer

During the warmer months of the year, especially the peak of summer, it can be a real challenge to endure the heat when your central air unit breaks down. For some people, the experience can be a matter of survival.


But there are ways to keep cool when this happens. In this article we will feature some ways to survive when your central air breaks down.

Window AC Unit


If you can, buy a window air conditioner. Most windows will accommodate them, and you may be able to “make it fit” in this situation. After all, it could mean survival.


You can get a brand new Window AC under 500 dollars – if it’s in your budget, and if you can find one in the stores.

Use a Fan


While they are not quite as cool as air conditioners, they can still be a big help in cooling down you and your home. If the night air is cool enough, you can put the fan in the window to more quickly bring cool air into the home.


Here’s another trick you can do with your fan. Get a large bowl, fill it with ice and set it somewhere in the room you wish to cool. Put a fan behind the bowl, facing in the general direction of cooling, and you have a poor man’s AC!

Draw the Shades, Cut the Lights


Shades can block out the sunlight, and reducing the temperature significantly. It won’t be super cool but you should be able to survive it. Keep as many shades drawn as you can.


At night, use as little light as possible, as they will raise the temperature a bit. Your TV may be all the light you need.

Night Air


If you can do it without compromising your own safety, and the night air is cool, open a window to let it in. It won’t be long until you start feeling less hot.



We need water even when we are not hot and thirsty. Imagine how much you need it when you are.


Keep yourself hydrated constantly. You can also use products that replenish the fluids and electrolytes that you lose when you sweat. One or both of these tips can help keep your body from experiencing complications from dehydration. Use ice if you can.

Employ a Dehumidifier


What makes a home really hot is the humidity. A dehumidifier can take the moisture out of the air, making it much more bearable.

Cool Shower


Taking a cool shower might not be the most comfortable thing to do, even when you’re hot. But it is very effective at cooling your body down.


You can take it slow. Start it at a bearable temp, and gradually lower the temp of the water. Don’t rush it. Let your body adjust to it. Eventually your body will acclimate to the cooler temperature, kind of like entering a cool pool for the first time.

Get To Place With AC


If it’s just too hot in your home, go to a mall or anywhere you can cool down for a while, and then go home when the sun sets.


You might also consider calling a friend who has working AC to see if you can spend the night there until the AC is fixed.



Dealing with the heat is a trial without AC. But we hope you found some helpful tips here to help you combat the extreme heat when your air conditioning breaks. When you apply them, you will most definitely be able to survive the experience, while you’re waiting to get your AC fixed.  

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