How We Earn AirMiles to Travel

It is no secret that as a family, we love to travel. One holiday a year is not enough – you know how it is, places to go and people to see… 😉

Whilst we do work hard for what we have and save in certain areas to afford to travel, there are certain things that we do that allow us to travel more than average perhaps.



British Airways Credit Card

This is the main way that are collect airmiles and the majority is just from buying the things that we normally do.

There are two card options:

  • the regular card
    • gives you 9,000 miles if you spend £1000 on it if the first three months (that is only £333 a month so we just used it for all our food shopping, petrol and the husbands train tickets).
    • 9,000 miles is one return flight to somewhere in Europe – we used airmiles when we recently went to Rome. Yes, you have to pay for flight taxes and charges but if they are European flights it is very little – two return business class flights to Rome using airmiles cost us £100 (£50 each – I think that is a total bargain).
  • the one with a yearly fee of £150 
    • Don’t be put off that it says it has a yearly fee as there isn’t a charge for the first year. As long as you make a note and remember to clear and cancel your card before the fee comes in, then you won’t be charged anything.
    • This card gets you 25,000 airmiles if you spend £3000 airmiles in the first three months. At £1000 a month this was doable for us and the amount of miles you get is great.
    • 25,000 miles is three European flights or two flights to JFK New York for example (+taxes).

Refer Friends

  • If you have the regular card and refer a friend for the regular card, you get 4,000 bonus miles (they just have to be approved, don’t even have to use it). If they do use it though, your friend will get the extra bonus of 10,000 miles if they spend £1000 in the first three months. This would be great for grandparents or friends that you might want to have come with you on holiday.
  • If you have the premium card and refer a friend for that card, you would get 9,000 bonus miles. Again, they don’t have to even spend anything on it – enough for one European flight for you. If they do spend on it though and spend £3000 in the first three months, they get a bonus of 26,000 miles (that, along with taxes and £30 per person, could get two flights to Orlando)!

At the end of the day it has to be a priority for you. We save in areas that others don’t and are pretty frugal about most things, as for us, life isn’t lived fully if you aren’t travelling.

Hope someone finds this useful – it is eye opening how you can ‘play’ the system to your gain.

Rebecca x

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*disclaimer – this is just what works for us, I know not everyone likes credit cards. Living within your means and paying off your credit card in full each month is so important. All information correct at the time that this was published.

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