I’m a HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® Ambassador | What’s in My Changing Bag?

You may have noticed a new badge on my sidebar, but it is official, I am a Huggies® Little Swimmers® Get Set, Splash blogger / ambassador this summer! They are the UKs number one baby swim pant, and they are a brand that I have used with my little ones before. So I can attest to the quality and ease of use that they provide. I like how the HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® have tear away sides which makes changing time easier and hassle free. It makes them pretty perfect for spontaneous splashing around.

helping us open our parcel of goodies


“Um, this isn’t a toy mummy” haha

HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® has launched exclusive new designs this summer, to celebrate the release of Disney® Pixar’s Finding Dory movie. Hands up who is excited for the film to come out?! My two have loved the designs of the swim pants as we have used them a fair bit over the past few weeks. Chloe is always telling me about ‘fish’ when she wears them! Now we just need to get some more sunny weather to get the paddling pool out even more, right?

some of our lovely goodies, perfect for summer

I have been making a conscious effort to get outdoors with the kids more. I have always found it hard to be spontaneous when it comes to the kids as I am such an over-thinker, always worrying that I will have forgotten something. Now Chloe is two; it is easier just to get up and go. Though I do always have my nappy bag packed, which certainly helps!

What are your nappy bag essentials?

Over summer, I always pack:

  • Baby Wipes – perfect for sticky hands and face, wiping clothes and of course dirty bottoms
  • Nappies and Spare Pants – Chloe is still in nappies, so that is an obvious one. Max has been toilet trained for over a year now but you just never know when there might be an emergency
  • HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® Pants – over summer these have been invaluable as they have helped me to be more spontaneous with the kids. We took a trip to Wales a few weeks ago and the HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® in my bag inspired me to enjoy fun in the water with my little ones. It gave me confidence that they’ll be protected from any little accidents and that they wouldn’t expand, sag or leak in water like regular nappies would
  • Suncream – even if it is cloudy, you can get sunburn. So it is a must for me and the little ones
  • Snacks and Water – because what mum doesn’t have snacks with her at all times? Ha, they are a must with kids
  • Carrier Bag – a carrier bag is great to have in your changing bag. It can get filled with wet clothes, dirty nappies or dirty clothes. Because you aren’t always right by a bin or you need to take some dirty clothes home with you
  • Blanket or Towel – after being outdoors we can often get a little cold or wet, so they are a must. I usually have a blanket in the car for this kind of thing




The aim of my partnership with Huggies® Little Swimmers® is to encourage you to enjoy outdoor moments with your little ones, and that it doesn’t need to be planned for. Just get up and go! I have found that having swim pants in my changing bag makes it much easier. I always have my changing bag with me or in the car, so it always means I have the swim pants and other essentials with me, so should the moment arise, we’re ready to get, set, splash!

Have you used these swim nappies pants before? To join in the fun pick up your pack of HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® from the baby aisle at the supermarket and visit www.littleswimmers.co.uk for more information, top tips and advice.


*This post has been written as part of my ambassador role with HUGGIES®, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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