Ideas for a Brilliant Hen Do!

I’ve been married for more than six years now, but I still have friends and family who aren’t yet. Now and then, another wedding comes along and we dress up and take a gift to help the happy couple celebrate their day. Even though I love the weddings, there’s one thing that can be a bit hit and miss: the hen do. Sometimes they’re great fun, but occasionally I would rather be sitting at home with my feet up. If you’ve felt the same, you might be worrying about planning an event for yourself or your best friend. Here are a few options that I think everyone can enjoy.

  • The Big Weekend Away

Some brides stick to one night out, but others want to go a bit further. If the groom can turn his stag into an entire weekend, there’s no reason the bride can’t do the same. It could be started off with a concert or a show, and you could look for tickets on TicketSmarter for a concert of an artist you’ve been wanting to see perform live and that you know your hen party will also enjoy. It could be stated with an afternoon tea or a party. In fact, some people go further and combine a celebration with a week-long holiday. I think these trips can be an excellent idea, but you have to pay attention to everyone’s budgets. You don’t want to leave anyone out because they can’t afford to go. You could go for a weekend at a spa or a week somewhere sunny.

  • Sophisticated Evening at Home

If like me you don’t enjoy going out and getting drunk, don’t feel like you have to do it for your hen do. More and more ladies are prefering to stay at home and make their own fun. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be all old-fashioned games and doing embroidery. You can still have tonnes of fun, and you can invite guests of all different ages and personality types. You could set up a dinner party or have someone come and give everyone spa treatments. You don’t need any special props or crazy plans to have a good time with your friends.

  • Get Creative

Anyone who’s crafty or even enjoys food and drink will love spending the day learning something new. It’s great fun to have a day with your girls when you get to make something as a memento of the day. You can even create something that you can hand out at the wedding, like party favours. If you want to learn a new skill, look for a class that will teach you how to make cocktails, decorate cupcakes or do pottery. You can find packages listed on Henit and other sites that will help you organise your day.

  • Be Adventurous

Some ladies just aren’t the type to sit at home. If you’re more adventurous, there are lots of things you can do outdoors. Hen parties are great events for trying out something new, whether it’s mountain biking or rock climbing. You won’t have to look very far if you want an adventure. Even huge cities have centres for skiing, white water rafting or go-kart racing.

Don’t feel pressured into having a “traditional” night on the town for your hen do. There’s much more you can enjoy that will suit you and your guests.

Rebecca x

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