Ideas for Entertaining Your Children over Summer

Kids love the summer holidays more than anything else. During this period, you might notice that your children seem to have ten times more energy than usual. That in itself could leave you feeling a little sleepy. Unless you plan things for your little ones, the school break could be a nightmare. If you’re not sure what to do with your kids this summer, never fear. I’ve put together a list of ideas that might just help you!

    • Play dress up

    My kids love dressing up, which is how I came up with this idea. You can get loads of second-hand clothes from charity shops and jumble sales. If you make a dressing up box for your kids, they can pretend to be whoever they want. You should put all the quirky clothing you can find in the box. Then, ask your kids to dress up and make up characters for themselves. This idea means that your children get to use their imagination, while you can sit back and relax or join in with them.



    • Learn some magic tricks

    Every child likes the idea of doing magic. Maybe Harry Potter has something to do with this phenomenon – I’m not sure. If you want to get your kids something they will play with for hours, consider a magic trick. Look on where you will find tons of tricks. Ask your children to learn how to do one of the tricks and they will spend hours practising. This idea means that your kids will learn an exciting new skill in no time.

    • Plan a water fight

    Water fights are going to happen whether you plan them or not. Children love playing with water, especially when it’s hot outside. If you want to make sure that your kids don’t make too much of a mess, you should plan the fight for them. Give them an area in the garden where they can plan and make sure you set some ground rules. Of course, you should tell your kids that they can’t aim for the face as this will only end in tears.  

    • Get them painting

    Painting is a fun (and cheap) activity you can do with your kids. If you teach your little ones some basic painting techniques, they will enjoy it. You can pick up some paints and paper from a local craft shop. It might be worth letting your kids practice on some scrap paper before you let them use the quality stuff. Set your kids a challenge. For example, you could ask them to paint a picture of the house.

    • Host a BBQ

    If you want to host an event, why not have a BBQ? You can invite the neighbours around to your home to enjoy some food with you. When you have a party, it means that your kids will get a chance to play with other children for a while. It also means that you can chat with the adults and have some relaxation time too.

    I hope that my ideas help you get through the summer break. Before you know it, the kids will be back at school so you ought to enjoy your time with them!

    Rebecca x

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