Ideas for Making Your Home Office Personal & Stylish

If you are lucky enough to work from home, the chances are that you will have some sort of office space. Whether that’s a room to yourself, a wardrobe office, or a corner of another room, it doesn’t matter.

The best thing about working from home and having a home office is that you get to make it your own. Unlike when you work in a corporate office, you can design and decorate your office to be however you want it to be.

When it comes to office décor, the thing that many people struggle with is creating a space that is stylish and personal. The key to achieving an office that has a stylish flair and represents your personality is accessories. If you know how to use accessories properly, you can create an office space that you absolutely love.


To help you do that, I thought I would share some ideas with you, below:

  • Frame your children’s wall art

Instead of investing in store bought wall art, consider using your children’s paintings. Obviously, you want your home office to be a professional and stylish space, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t add cute touches.

Choose one stand out piece of your child’s artwork, have it framed in a simple yet stylish frame, and hang it up. You will find that simple by framing a piece of your child’s artwork, that it will look more suitable for your office.

  • Add family photos

As well as having your children’s art on the walls, it’s also a nice touch to have at least a couple of family photos dotted around. You can have these framed on the wall, or you could display them on your desk.

If you like the idea of displaying your family photos on your desk and around the room, you will need stylish photo frames. I would recommend choosing a black, wooden or silver photo frame for each photo, as these all work well.

  • Invest in accessories that you love

When it comes to making your home office somewhere that you want to be, the key is to choose accessories that you love. As well as adding items that relate to your family, it’s also important to add items that you find appealing.

For instance, things like rugs, pillows with quotes on, and well-designed storage options, are all ideal. Making your office somewhere that is stylish as well as personal is a must. This will ensure that it is a space that you love spending time in.  You can pick up lots of cute accessories at your local home store or online, so make sure to have a look.

If you want to make your office a space that is enjoyable to be in, making it your own is crucial. The best way to add style and personality to any space, including your home office, is with cute accessories. Simple things, like adding your children’s art to the walls, and adding family photos, is all it takes.

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