Ideas to Bring Your Kitchen to Life

I think that there is just something about spring that gets me in the mood to make some changes. I had a deep clean in our house last week to give me a head start. I have started a new exercise and diet regime (again). And I have had a sort through of the kid’s clothes. I hadn’t sorted through their clothes for a long time, so it was much needed. There were bags and bags that went into the loft! There was one area that I haven’t touched yet; the kitchen.

I am in there a lot each day but at the moment it is just a room that I use because I have to. I seem to be rushed off my feet at the moment, and have limited time to get into my cooking and baking like I use to. So sadly, the kitchen is just getting a little neglected. It doesn’t take long for a kitchen to look a little tired and worn because it gets used so much. There are a few changes that I would like to make, though. Here are some ideas that I have been thinking of.


I think one of the first things to do is to have a bit of a clear out and declutter. It would take a few hours or so, but I know the difference would be amazing. It’s all of those areas that just get completely forgotten about. The front of the units, the inside of drawers and cupboards. I dread to think about my baking cupboard. I’m sure there is a little bit of flour caked all over the shelves! I like to use essential oils in my cleaning. Not only does it kill bacteria but it leaves the house smelling amazing. I’m all about the house smelling good. I like to use lemon oil the most, so I just mix it with some water in a spray bottle. It works well for areas like the microwave, drawer handles, and the hob.

Then will come a bit of a declutter. I like to have as few things as possible on the worktops. We don’t have masses of worktop space, so I don’t want it to be taken up with huge appliances. Is it just me that has a load of things piled on top of the fridge? That needs a sort for certain!

The backsplash always needs a good clean, because it does exactly what it says on the tin. It takes all of the splashes from cooking. If you have one that is looking quite drab, they can be easily updated. It can be quite easy to replace yourself, but if you don’t trust yourself, it wouldn’t be too pricey to have someone else do it for you. I think the walls could do with a fresh lick of paint too. It hasn’t had anything done since we moved in over five years ago. I think if I try these wall ideas the kitchen will be looking like new in no time.


I love to have fresh flowers in the house. They are perfect in the kitchen on the window sill. In our kitchen, the light just shines through there for most of the day, so it is perfect for plants and flowers. I’d like to get some herbs growing, so maybe a tiny herb garden on the window sill is the place to start? Then I could plant them all in the garden when they have grown enough.

What kind of light fixture do you have in your kitchen? I find that light fittings look good for a little while, but they are easily outdated. We have quite a dull fixture at the moment. Our kitchen is fairly modern, and I like the style of lights that are upcycled out of old kitchen things. I have seen some made out of colanders, and they look so awesome. If i can find the right thing, I think I will invest in it. Lighting makes such a difference to any room; especially the kitchen. I want under the countertop lighting too, to brighten things up. I don’t know how hard this is to do after the fact, though? If it means ripping out the units, then I’ll just have to do without for now!

Do you have any plans for a spring clean or a spot of DIY this spring? I’d love to hear what your plans are. Please share any of your posts with me that I can have a peek at.


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