If I Was Stranded On A Desert Island…

I’m quite a big fan of Bear Grylls and his survival expeditions and have avidly watched the latest ‘The Island’ programmes. Of course I’m sat on my nice cosy sofa saying ‘I could do that’, when in reality I would really struggle! (Though to be fair, who would find it easy?!)

Got me thinking about how I would get on ‘surviving’ without all of the comforts of home. What kind of things would I just absoloubtly need to have with me? What would you need to have with you?

 In no particular order:

  • Wet Wipes – as a mum of two little ones I know just how essential they are for everyday life. They are so versatile too and could use them for all sorts, like cleaning up cuts and bruises (so basically a first aid kit. Kind of). As well as freshening yourself up (the feeling of sea salt on my skin would drive me mad) and of course, the obvious ?
  • Water Filtration System – ha, I know, but hear me out. Hydration is super important when stranded on a desert island so just think how much time would be saved if it was ten times quicker to filter the water? I am purely thinking of efficiency so that I could maximise hunting time. Honest!
  • Air Matress – this could double up as two things: a bed, obviously, and then as a raft. I could use it for fishing, a spot of sunbathing, and hey, could even try to float away off the island…
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Rebecca x

*Collaboration with More Than.

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