If the shoe was on the other foot…

Before I was a mother, I found that people would always say “Just do what you want to do”, “Don’t listen to what everyone else tells you to do” etc. Since becoming a mother I have only realised how true this is. There is advice from here, there and everywhere about how you should raise your children and the things we should and shouldn’t do with them.

Becoming a new mum was so overwhelming where no amount of preparation is enough. So I would often be thinking that I should be taking all of their (not always wanted) advice. They knew more than me, they had older children or they had loads of children, therefore they must know more; I should listen to them.

I have come to realise (its only taken over a year or so) that I know my child best. I am the only one that is with him all day every day. I know the small things that he does and doesn’t like and the little routine that we have got ourselves into.

I know that he loves to pull his socks and shoes off. And he survives without socks on. The amount of people I have had commenting if we are in a shopping centre (not outdoors don’t worry) “Oh his feet must be cold”. I know though he is fine. He hasn’t got ill from it. He screams if I try to put them back on, happy without. And knowing my little as I do, I know he’d rather be sock-less and we get in and out of the shops as quick as we can, rather than me spending every few minutes putting socks back on and picking them up off the floor. I know best.

I know before I was a parent though I would be the worst judge “my kids will never go out looking like that” etc. But I know whenever I see a weary mother out and about with her kids wearing their dressing up superhero outfits, its that it makes their child happy. They are the mother, they know their children the best.

I know we will never get away from Judgey McJudgesons but lets all do our little bit and remember… mother knows best.

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  • I love this post! I completely agree! Each mother knows her child best, so we should all be focusing on supporting each other instead of judging. Your story about Max not wearing his socks reminded me of the other day when a couple random people on the street yelled at me for not having Andy in mittens (he WON'T wear them!). 🙂