I’m a Ladival Sports Ambassador! | #LoveSPF

I’m really pleased to announce that this summer, I am an ambassador for Ladival! If you haven’t heard, they are one of the UK’s leading family sun protection brands. This year, Ladival is also proud the official sponsor of British Tennis, aiming to encourage us all to play safer in the sun this summer. Perfect with Wimbledon and a fab summer of sport coming up, right?


As a mum of little ones, I know just how easy it is to focus on making sure they are lathered in Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 22.59.31suncream and then forgetting about myself. Rather scarily, nearly 61% of people aged 13-24 have said that they have avoided using sunscreen in order to get a better tan. That may well work but you can’t immediately tell the unknown damage to your skin that going without sunscreen can cause. It could lead to skin cancer later life as well as prematurely raging skin and sunspots. So it is so important that we all get clued up now and protect ourselves and our families from harmful UV rays.

So as of today, Ladival is launching a campaign to encourage all of us to be safer in the sun. The campaign is called the #LoveSPF Rally and it aims to encourage people to share their ‘sports selfies’ online. Then you just need to tag a friend to carry on the ‘rally’. It is an awesome campaign in several ways. You get to build awareness of wearing SPF when playing in the sun, as well as being able to just share a selfie (who doesn’t love a selfie)?! Plus, for every sports selfie online, Ladival will donate £1 to the Shunburn campaign for Teenage Cancer Trust.      


So quick, get snapping outside. Here’s to a safe summer in the sun!


*sponsored as part of my ambassador role. However all opinions are my own.

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