Imaginative Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

It’s important that your children’s bedrooms feel like their own special spaces. Whether you have little ones like I do or older kids, it can be tough getting them to bed if they only use their room for boring sleep. Although you don’t want to have too many fun distractions at bedtime, it can be much easier to get someone into bed if they’re excited about using their Batman bedcovers. Sometimes it can feel like mums are expected to have wild imaginations when it comes to things like interior design, but the fact is that even the best of us get stuck for ideas. If you want to turn your child’s bedroom into a special place for them to be, here are some ideas to make it more fun.



Use a Fun Bed

One of the big moments when your little ones are growing up is moving them from their cot to a proper bed. Sometimes this means lots of sleepless nights or toddlers crawling into bed with their parents every night. One of the ways to make it easier for them is to make their bed more exciting. You can get all kinds of beds in different shapes and sizes, from princess castles to rocket ships. And, of course, they’re not just for the tiny ones either!

Get Creative with Bedding

Special beds aren’t exactly cheap though unless you or someone you know is smart enough to make one. But some beautiful bedding can be just as good to delight your kids. As well as lots of colours and characters to choose from, you can get even more imaginative with things like Snurk bedding. These funny duvet and pillow sets take your child to another world every time they get into bed, whether it’s to a ballet studio, pirate ship or outer space. They just lie down and pull the duvet on top of them, and they turn into a character about to go off on an adventure.


Add Private Spaces

Kids love to have somewhere they can call their own, and it’s important that they can have a space where they can be alone. It’s especially necessary for teenagers and older children who want to be more independent. You can create special corners and hideaways in their room, like a reading nook, a play corner or a den.

Pick a Theme

If you don’t know where to start when decorating your child’s room, you can choose a theme to follow. All children have their favourite things that they would love to fill their room with. It might be a TV or movie character, an animal or just a general theme like fairies, pirates or the seaside. Everyone’s seen those crazy kid’s bedrooms that look like they’re a whole other dimension. We can’t all afford to do something like that, but you can still create a fantasy world out of their bedroom to encourage their imagination.

When your son or daughter gets a new bedroom that they love, they’ll be rushing to go to bed to every night! Do you have any neat ideas for transforming your little one’s room?

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