Important Things to Consider When Planning Your Wedding

20142There are 101 things to think about as you plan a wedding. This is why it takes most people years to actually walk down the aisle! Not to mention how stressed it can make people too. However, while a cake and tablecloths might seem important at the time, there are some things a little more important to consider as you plan. Take a look and see:

Is This What You Both Want?

When getting married, it’s easy to think about what you want rather than what you want as a couple. You’ve probably had an idea of what you want for years, but it’s not just about you. Your partner needs to enjoy the day just as much as you do. It’ll be so much better if it’s personal to the both of you! Make sure you check in with them to ensure they’re happy with the day and they have no reservations. You should both make compromises.

Are You Making the Wedding Personal to You?

Do you really want your wedding to blend in with every other wedding you’ve ever been to? You have some very important things to think about when planning if you want to make the wedding personal to you. You could design a special playlist, or even think of a theme that means a lot to you both and incorporate that some how. Try to forget about traditions for now and include things that you’ll remember in the long run.


Will Everybody You Care About be Able to Make it?

At the end of the day, you want to share your wedding with the people who mean the most to you. But will everybody you care about be able to make it? If you choose a location that’s too far away or not very easy to access, you might find yourself with only a few people around you. Make sure it’s going to be within everybody’s budgets and that you’re making it as easy as possible for them.

Are You Remembering the Point of it All?

It can be so easy to forget the bigger picture when you’re getting married and become a real bridezilla. But the most important thing is you and your partner.The end results is what matters. Yes, it’s nice to have a magical wedding, but you have the rest of your lives to look forward to together after that. Don’t get so caught up in having the perfect wedding day that you forget the end result. Start as you mean to go on by planning this together and enjoying it!

Are You Thinking of Life After the Wedding?

Spending a lot of money on weddings is the norm, but what about life after the wedding? Are you going to be able to afford everything you’re accustomed to? Don’t get yourselves into debt for one day in your entire lives! Stay within your means and don’t go over your budget, no matter how tempting.

Think of these things as you plan your day and you’ll end up much happier!

Rebecca x

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  • You are right Rebecca!!! We tend to think that we need to have ‘the wedding of all times” and then we forget the most important thing that is planning everything with your partner and enjoy every single step. I must admit I was one of those wanting to have a big wedding at the beginning but then Nick made me realise that it wasn’t worth it to spend lots of money for just one day. But we planned everything together and we chose everything together. Our parents weren’t involved as we wanted to get all how we wanted!! I think that if you want to spend or if you can spend more, I would recommend spending it in a great honeymoon!! That is something that will really worth it. We were going to do that but then we were lucky as my parents gave us the honeymoon as a wedding present. We were delighted!! We went to Dubai and Seychelles!! Was the most amazing and romantic honeymoon ever!! Thanks so much for linking up with me at #KCACOLS.I hope you can join me again next week!! 🙂 x

  • Great post with very good advice. We had a small wedding which we planned together so it wasn’t stressful at all. In fact if anything it brought us a little closer! There is something magical about planning your future together. Xx