Impressions of Fitbit after purchase

I decided that Fitbit is rather a good thing than not, although with its own shortcomings. I had to decide because it broke down with me, and I had to think about whether to buy a new one or not. As a result, I ordered.

Back in October 2012, I bought the first Fitbit. Since then I go with him almost constantly. True, the first Fitbit I safely lost after three months in the USA. I then had to return to buy a new model, Fitbit One, which I hooked on the keys and went with it for more than a year.

I noticed for myself that with Fitbit I began to walk a lot more – for example, that walk to my parents, which in October 2012 seemed a rare feat, became normal. About a week later, I, at least one way, but walk on foot. I am glad of the opportunity to go to the store once again, go out for a walk, walk on foot when you could get there.

On the other hand, Fitbit has become for me another gadget that I constantly drag and automatically take out of my pocket to “check”, more often than it should. Plus it needs to be charged. In fact, he can “live” on a single charge for a couple of weeks, but he can sit down at inopportune times, and it’s not clear what to do. I once sat down on vacation, and this is very disappointing since I go a lot on my trips.

It is very convenient that it automatically merges all information into the network. This can be done through a phone, but I rarely turn on Bluetooth on the phone, the thing that comes with Fitbit is much more convenient: I inserted it into the computer, installed their software, and everything happens by itself every time you enter the room. It’s also convenient that the thing not only your Fitbit synchronizes, but any other, which means that if you go into the range of actions of someone else’s pimp, your Fitbit will upload everything to the network. I have someone at work nearby, and my steps on arrival at the office are updated. Fitbits have so many useful features, as this helpful guide highlights, so it’s unsurprising that they have taken off and become as popular as they are today.

But the site is probably a weak link. At first it’s fun there, they give you badges for the steps taken and the raised floors, but this quickly bothers. When I took some high bar (for me – 40,000 steps per day) and received a virtual medal for it, the incentive disappears, it is difficult to break such a record. Would it be nice if they gave badges for the consistent fulfillment of daily goals, went 10,000 steps every week all week? Here is a prize for you. Immediately an incentive to go through another.

But you can add friends from Facebook, and compete with them who will pass the most. It is a pity that by default a lot of interesting information is hidden, only the number of steps per week looks easy. And by the time his day is over, I still have a chance to catch up with him. Although it rarely works out. Therefore, we and my husband also purchased Fitbit. But he constantly strides more than me. By the way, he decided to purchase after finding an article best Fitbit for men, so I highly recommend reading it.

By the way, on the topic of time zones, it’s a pity that you can’t change the definition of “day” in Fitbit. They have it from midnight to midnight. I have, as a rule, from waking up to falling asleep. That is, if the border passed somewhere at 4 in the morning, it would much more adequately describe my activity. I already wrote that our concept of the time of day has gone ahead of those words that we use.

In short, in general, I am more likely satisfied than not satisfied. Therefore, when my current one began to die, and they refused to change it for me, I decided today to order a new one for myself.

I will move on. And if you also decide to purchase Fitbit, add me as a friend. We will compete.

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