Improving Your Kitchen For Winter

Bonfire night has been and gone; the next big thing is going to be Christmas. And with the clocks going back and the colder temperatures, winter is definitely on its way. One room that I know I will be spending a lot of time in over winter is the kitchen. From party prep, cooking a festive meal, or baking for the school fayre, there are even more reasons why I’ll be in the kitchen.

My kitchen is one of the favourite rooms in the house for its style and decor. The country kitchen units, dark tiles, and matching countertop make it a great place to be. But in winter, with a tiled floor and a door to the back garden in it, it can often be a bit chilly. The heating in your kitchen whether it’s radiators, a cast-iron range, or underfloor heating, it will have a big impact on how you use your kitchen. So what can you do about it?


The key to a heating system that works efficiently is a good boiler.

When you’re planning your kitchen design, if you’re lucky to be doing so, then it might be worth factoring in a new boiler. They can be a little pricey, but if your current one is over 15 years old it will not be very energy efficient. Newer boilers will not only make the heating more efficient, but it is likely to take up less space than an older model.

How To Choose Heating For Your Kitchen


Heating systems using radiators have been the heating of choice for most people for a long time. You home and kitchen probably already have some in there, but it could be time for an upgrade. I know in my kitchen, the radiator is tiny and behind the door, as all other wall space is taken up. For  a modern look, ladder-style vertical radiators could be just the things. For a more classic kitchen look, like mine, something a little more traditional, perhaps with a radar cover would suit best.

Aluminium models are a good option if you’re concerned about an eco-friendly version. They are fast to heat up and cool down which saves energy (and as a result, money).

Underfloor Heating

A great option if your kitchen is being designed from the floor up is underfloor heating. I would love this in my house! It can be fairly cheap to run, but it does need to be installed before your flooring is put in. So if you’re renovating, bear that in mind.

One of the biggest benefits of underfloor heating is that you get a warm room, but you don’t have to give up any valuable wall space. So you really can maximise the kitchen units space much more. Not to mention that you could use a timer to make sure that it will be on as you step in for breakfast on a cold winter morning.

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Cast-Iron Ranges

While an Aga that is always on is often the traditional choice in kitchen designs (they just look so beautiful), it can’t run on a traditional heating system. they can be expensive to run as they are always on, even if it is on low. More than likely your kitchen is older if you have one, though, so it may be welcome to always have it on warm. 

Go Mobile

There are many heating systems that are no controlled with apps on your smartphone. You can use your phone and change the temperature. Laying in bed and want to put the heating on? Grab your phone! If you’re out and want it to be warm when you get back, then again, just grab your phone. Perfect if you know you’ll be cooking dinner when you get back and want a nice warm kitchen.

What do you have in your kitchen?

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