Improving Performance and Fuel Economy: Chevrolet Corsica Maintenance Tips

If you are still driving your Chevy Corsica, you likely want to keep it running for a while longer. Although these old compact cars are hardly known for being gas-guzzlers, all vehicles become less efficient as they age. So, you may want to figure out how you can improve your fuel economy.

What Causes Bad Fuel Economy

There are many factors that can cause poor fuel economy. The most significant by far is your driving style. Smooth driving with gentle acceleration, consistent speeds and gentle braking is the key to optimizing your fuel efficiency.

However, if you are already driving efficiently, you aren’t out of luck. Some strategically purchased GM Corsica auto parts can help save the day. A wide range of mechanical issues can cause poor fuel economy. Essentially, if anything is adding resistance to moving your vehicle, it is worsening your efficiency.

This includes things like having a poor fuel/air mixture, running on under-inflated tired, having an un-tuned engine and similar issues. If you have any problems with your drive train such as a worn-down transmission, those will likely worsen your fuel economy also.

In short, you don’t need the greatest car in the world to achieve good fuel economy. However, you do need to take care of your vehicle and drive carefully.

How To Quickly Improve Fuel Economy

There are a few things you can do to quickly improve your fuel efficiency. If you want to save at the pump, do the following:

  • Engine Tune-Up: Replace the spark plugs, change the battery, change the oil and filter and replace the fuel filter. If you want to delve a little deeper, you could also do some cleaning to remove carbon deposits (this will require opening the intake manifold). Consider also grabbing a GM Corsica IAC valve repair guide to make sure you are idling as efficiently as possible.
  • Change the Air Filter: Periodically change your engine air filter. If this is impeding your airflow, you will experience significantly worse fuel economy. The smooth flow of fuel and air are the most significant causes of poor efficiency.
  • Inflate Tires: Make sure your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Under-inflated tires can cause early wear and decrease fuel efficiency. Over-inflated tires improve efficiency but can also wear down quickly (costing you money) and are less safe.
  • Use the Right Oil: Your engine oil helps to keep everything running smoothly. It protects the moving components of your engine. Unsurprisingly, if you have the wrong viscosity oil or are using dirty oil, it can cause your car to run less efficiently.

These tips, along with efficient driving, will help you to rapidly improve your fuel economy. It is also a good idea to avoid carrying anything unnecessary in your trunk or backseat.

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