In Full Bloom…

No, not me – but our garden! (Sorry to get all elderly on you and talk about gardening, but it is looking really pretty these days).

The previous owner of our house was really into gardening in his later years and so it has been really interesting to see what has sprung this Spring / Summer. Like this crazy flower below – it looks like it is fabric and the petals are so soft and the bees seem to love it!

We finally bought a lawn mower the other week, and are just getting to grips with all that keeping a garden entails – it’s practically a full time job. We are keen to do more to it though and add some decking / lights where the green house used to be,
and lay more lawn down. Any advice would be much appreciated though as we are both new to it all. It is where we have been spending the past few Saturday mornings (and soaking up that all important vitamin D of course…)

We are looking forward to my parents coming to visit and they are going to help us out (and bring the power washer – wahoo)!

The herb garden (mostly mint I do believe – smells divine)!

The hubs actually watering the grass! Who’d of thought that it would be this sunny and rain-free in England this Spring?!

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