Increase your productivity: 5 modern ways to improve your office space

There are many different methods of improving your office space and getting the most out of your employees without making huge drastic changes or spending excessive amounts of your business budget. If you’re looking for radical and contemporary ways to revolutionise your workspace then you best continue reading. Whether it’s investing in a nice, big pool table or opting for an open plan style of working, your business and employee satisfaction will hugely benefit from these modern changes you can make – here are five of the best. 

Open plan 

The benefits of open-plan working have long been talked about by psychologists. Studies show that working in isolation can have negative effects on both focus and motivation. Opening your office space up will encourage communication within teams and improve productivity, leading to growth and financial benefits. If this is simply an impossible task right now, you could consider employing a Virtual Office in London, which can give you a big business feel on the outside – even if you’re still a small, burgeoning company in reality.

Pool table 

Ah, the pool table. The prized possession of every progressive office throughout the land. Many bosses think that once they’ve bought a pool table, they’re no longer required to provide any further benefits for their staff ever again. While a pool table is a great addition for office moral, it’s also a great way to fill up a little bit of space and provide that first-impression that you’re a fun and progressive place to work. 

Separate kitchen Area 

If your office is large enough it’s a good idea to separate the working zones from the kitchen zones. Not only does it prevent the serenity of the office from being disrupted with the smell of microwaved fish, but it also allows a space for staff to relax and eat their lunch in peace. Plus, it encourages employees to stay on site during down-time, rather than wander off to nearby shops and locations. In a sneaky way, it could keep them focused on work even while they’re at lunch.

Tables not booths  

Long gone are the days when individual booths are an essential fixture of your office. Believe it or not tables are the new thing. Good old fashioned tables. So, instead of booths, why not opt for grouping your employees in teams or departments? This modern working environment encourages communication amongst your staff, increases social interaction, and is more beneficial to problem solving when a decision needs to be made. 

Quiet zones 

Every now and then we all need a break, even at work. You know the feeling when you’re somehwat stressed and all you want to do is run away from the office and never come back. A great way to encourage staff relaxation is to provide a quiet room for staff to take a little bit of time out. This is perfect for relaxing on breaks, personal time, and a good place for those more casual staff meetings. You don’t need to go all out and purchase beanbags or sensory equipment – simply invest in some comfortable chairs away from the hustle and bustle of the office chaos. 

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  • It is said that modern problems require modern solutions and I agree to it, There are so many changes done in recent years, also in technology and the kind of furniture used in offices has to be upgraded as per new requirements. It should have good storage, comfortable, the right amount of space for papers, printers, systems, and so much more. The better the furniture its look and feel the more an employee feels better mentally hence eventually making them more productive.
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