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Instagram is pretty much my favourite social media channel. I do go through phases with it, and sometimes Twitter takes over, but pretty much, it is all about Instagram. As well as following family, friends, and blogging pals, I like that you can follow and see the photos from people all over the world, including those who have chosen to boost their presence by strategically buy instagram followers for $1.


Though it is nice to see amazing photography and flat lays from fellow bloggers, the accounts I like the most are the ones that inspire me. They are a few that i check regularly too. All are different accounts and inspire me for many different reasons. So if you aren’t following some of these people, I think they are worth a look…

Justin Baldoni (@justinbaldoni)

If you have watched one of the TV shows that he is in, you might know him as Rafael from Jane the Virgin. That is where I first came across him, after watching that show on Netflix (late to the party, as per). So I had a little stalk on social media and found his Instagram account. Not only has he got a ridiculously beautiful family, but they have such a loving relationship with each other. You can tell just how in love with his wife he is which is adorable.

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He also follows the Bahai faith and you can see that through how he lives his life. As well as acting he is a producer and produces a show about people with terminal illnesses. It sounds super morbid when you put it like that, but the people in the show are so inspiring and through all their trials have such a zest for life. In the Instagram stories he shows a generous side, offering his daughter’s old baby things to those in need. I even saw that he replied to help someone out with a college paper of theirs. He doesn’t seem phased by the whole ‘celebrity’ thing and wants to do good in the world. Really motives me to do more too.

Olivia Wollenberg (@livias_kitchen)

Livia’s Kitchen is a foodie account, full of dairy, gluten and sugar-free sweet things, after she developed several food intolerances. For me, this is the perfect account to follow. Olivia has a blog and cook book alongside the Instagram, so I like seeing the recipe previews and then finding them online or in her cook book to make. The recipes I have made have all been amazing! I also really like how she shares her fitness and routine on her Instagram stories. It isn’t all picture perfect and says how she might be tired etc, but she still gets out and does it. Really motivates me to be more active and exercise more, as well as keep me on track with this whole sugar-free and dairy-free thing! Plus, she is besties with Deliciously Ella and made her wedding cake #friendshipgoals.

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Mekenna Bree (@mekennabree)

It is kind of a random story how I came across Mekenna’s profile. My brother-in-law starred in a film with her brother-in-law (Adam Gregory of 90210 fame), and I have followed her sister’s blog for quite a while. Anyway, she is literal goals. She is a model and if you need any kind of inspiring to hit the gym, just look at her wearing, basically, anything!

Not only that, but she just has such a refreshing zest for life and the outdoors. She has a beautiful little family and how she talk about them is just lovely. We are of the same faith (LDS) so it is fun to see how she lives her life over in LA, compared to me over here near London.

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Amber Fillerup (@amberfillerup)

I have followed Amber’s blog from before she was married or had children, for hair and fashion. She is friends with some people that, again, my brother-in-law knew, and that is how I came across the US based blog. So it has been an interesting journey to see her blog go from strength to strength. I think I was following her when she had about 70k Instagram followers, and now she has over 1.2 MILLION! Even more than most celebrities that I follow. I like her profile as she is blogging goals (as well as, let’s face it, face and body goals too haha)! I find it motivating and inspiring to see what can happen as a blogger. I, of course, am not a fashion blogger and I think that tends to be a more lucrative sector. But it is still inspiring to me nonetheless. She and her cute family travel all over the world a lot too. I love this as travel isn’t something that we have wanted to stop since having kids either. So it is fun to see their adventures.

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Are there any accounts that you love following that inspire you?


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