#LiveinBrightColour Instagram Community

Instagram is by far my favourite social media channel. I guess I just like looking at pretty things! Sometimes I have a bit of a love / hate relationship as I can put a lot of effort into it and then get 100 people or so unfollow me. I get annoyed when people follow only to unfollow like the next day. But I suppose it is the nature of the beast and people are there to grow their profile and perhaps business or site through Instagram.

I started to notice a theme with my pictures, though. Mine certainly have no monochrome scheme going on, as much as I like other people’s snaps of that style. I started to notice that the pictures I was posting were all quite brightly coloured. So I thought that I would start an Instagram community for any of your brightly coloured pictures, using the tag:


Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 20.27.41 Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 20.28.00

So, if like me, your pictures are not of the monochrome variety, then I’d love you to join in using the hashtag, to get a bit of a community going. Share the brightly coloured love around Instagram a bit. As it isn’t anything specific, other than being colourful, it can be a picture of anything, as these ones using the tag show. Kids, clothing, food, quotes, landscapes…

I join in with a few blogger’s tags on Instagram already and think that they are great. They are good for finding like minded people and fellow bloggers, as well as interaction with your posts. I like to see the roundups and favourites that have been chosen too. Which is something I will do too, when more people get involved.

If anyone wants to get in on this with me and co-host, then let me know – the more the merrier!


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