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I am growing more and more in love with Instagram! I was a bit late to the party joining, as with most things, but it is basically my favourite social network. I follow lots of amazing people and think it is a great way to keep up to date with family and what my sisters, nieces and nephews are all up to. But I thought I would share with you some of the brilliant bloggers that I follow.

1. Blue Eyed Finchpost1

As those of you that follow this blog know, I am not a fashion blogger, but I am a big fan of US fashion blogger Sheridan Gregory. I came across her blog a few years ago now, through a friend of a friend, and have followed along since. Sheridan is beautiful and has a gorgeous family so it is nice to see how what their life is like in LA, compared to mine here in England, as well as of course see all the lovely clothes. I do follow fashion and the thing I like about Sheridan’s style is that it is quite ‘normal’ and more everyday style for busy mums, so it is right up my street. Little booties and skinny jeans are all good by me! She posts silly pictures too so seems ‘real’, ya know? She is a mum of one mega-cute little boy too so those pictures are also fun to see.

(Random Fact – her husband was in a film with my brother-in-law, so basically we’re old friends, haha).

2. Amber Filleruppost

OK, so basically I want to be Amber, haha. She lives in NYC with her hubby and little boy (around Chloe’s age I think) and so her pics are her fun life off being a busy blogger, model and mum. She travels a lot which I love, particularly when she visits around Europe as I have been to quite a few of the spots. Her little one is well travelled and I take my hat off to her for taking him on every trip – she must be such a calm and organised mother!

Sheridan and Amber share the same faith as I do so one of the reasons they are my fave’s is that I love seeing how they live their faith in a completely different place and environment.


3 – Lets Talk Mommy

I am getting into food blogging more and more and am working on my food styling and food photography. One of my favourite things about Jenny’s photography is the styling! They look amazing and really inspire me and give me ideas of how to style my photos, particularly food photography. She has great attention to detail like tying up some cheese sticks with string and using cute tablecloths and accessories.

She has a beautiful family too and they seem to get on well and do lovely things together. Jenny is a mother of two and has a son and a daughter, similar ages to my son and daughter. I feel like I can relate to her as we’re doing similar things in life (though she is much more glamorous)!

4. My Fussy Eater

post3If you like food, you must get Ciara followed! As the name suggests, her blog started with a fussy eating child and she shares her recipes and things that she tries out with her family. I’m not even kidding when I say that everything looks amazing – another great food styler but also great recipes. I have tried quite a few of them out too and they’re not crazy ridiculous to make, or expensive. Very inspiring to me and gives me great ideas for food for my family too.

5. Modern Mummy

post5This lady is just oozes cool! I love her sense of style so enjoy her outfit posts (one of those looks good in everything type of things) – I really envy her wardrobe but doubt I’d be able to pull of most of the items. As a mum to two mega cute daughters it is fun to see what they get up to as a family in and around the areas not too far away from me. She is a clean eater and green smoothie fan which I love so get some cheeky little smoothie ideas from her posts too. But the kitten pictures? Oh my heck, the kitten pictures! So adorable.


Who are your favourite Instagram accounts to follow?

Rebecca x

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