Interesting Ways to Stay Cool and Refreshed During the Summer

If you have been living in various parts of the south, there’s only one way you can describe summer: sticky, hot and very humid. When you were a kid, you didn’t know much about heat, but as you grow older, it gets more and more intense every summer.

Now, the point is that summers can be stressful. Dust all over. Extreme heat and you probably can always count the people walking on the streets. It’s just unbearable. So, people choose to look for cool places.

In a nutshell, staying cool and refreshed during the summer isn’t easy, but it’s something a must if you have to stay healthy. Below are five interesting ways to keep cool and refreshed during the summer:

1. Be In the Cool Zone

Okay! You think that hiding in the basement when it’s hot is the best idea, but what if there are other ways you can keep cool? Looks strange and weird, but it works. Bring some cushions from your living room into your bathtub. Believe it or not. You’ll be having the most cooling environment.

You can go ahead and fill your bathtub with cold water if you wish. Additionally, basements can also be a great place to stay cool if you don’t mind staying in dark areas. Maybe you can also consider fitting your basement with quiet window air con that will help in bringing back the cool impression.

2. Multi-Purpose Cooling

You have your favorite skin care products, body lotion, and moisturizer, but you haven’t stored them properly. It is essential to keep these products in a cool and dry place or your fridge.

Rub your body with the lotion to bring a cooling sensation on your skin. If you have sunburn complications, you can use alone. The high temperatures during the summer don’t mean it’s the end of the world. Using your skin care products and body lotions can bring back the cooling effect.

3. Cold Shower Can Help

Sure, everyone loves cold beverages during the summer, but there’s nothing that will keep you fresh and hydrated as taking a cold shower. If you like using your hot shower, you should shift to a cold shower during the summer. Bathing with hot water during the summer will make you more exhausted.

Besides, cold shower improves immunity. A study conducted in England revealed that taking a cold shower increases the speed of your metabolic rate and the number of white blood cells in your body.

4. Wear Light and Loose Fitting Clothes

Well, you know that bathing suits are the best for the summer for some reason, but they aren’t recommended to wear during the summer. During the summer, you need to put on ‘real’ clothes and remember only to use light clothes taking into consideration the colour. Black clothes absorb heat while white clothes reflect.

Also, loose-fitting will keep you cool because they let your skin breathe and sweat can evaporate much easier. Maybe you can consider cotton clothes because they help to wick moisture.

5. Your Feet Deserves an Ice Bath

One part of your body that’s most sensitive to temperature changes is your feet. If you dunk your feet in a bucket with cold water, you’ll immediately feel the cooling effect. Besides, dipping your feet in ice water helps you reset your body temperature, thus helping you get back to normal.

Bottom Line

Have you tried any of these interesting ways before? Did it help you bring back the cooling sensation? Maybe you have other weird ways of keeping cool during the summer. Feel free to share your interesting ways to keep your body cool.

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  • Cool tips! In as much as summer screams fun and excitement, it could also mean sunburn and dehydration. I love everything you shared in this article and the tips are truly helpful. Of course, taking good care of our skin during summer is imperative. I’ve never tried an ice bath before, but I will definitely try it out tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this post! I’d be glad to read more of your articles soon.