Trendy Interior Design Styles For Any Home

Do you think it’s time that you redecorated one of the rooms in your house? If so, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering how you should design your new decor. Well, if you aren’t the most creative thinker, you might find it easier to stick to this season’s hottest interior design trends. Not sure what’s hot at the minute? Here are some amazing design styles that will look fab in any home.



Metal is very popular right now, and interior designers are getting their clients to use it wherever possible. One of the best rooms to give a thoroughly modern makeover is the kitchen. I’m sure there will already be quite a few metallic surfaces and appliances in your already! One thing to remember if you want to add more metallics is that matte is the most popular finish right now. Going for a matte finish rather than a shine can really add some extra style to your room.

Add a Touch of the Tropics

Prints are often very on trend, even though the types of prints that are in fashion may constantly change. Over the past few years, floral patterns and designs have been in demand, but 2017 is going to see a buck in this trend. Flowers and plants are still going to be popular in prints, but they are going to be a lot more tropical. So rather than dainty patterned roses, expect to see bold prints of lush rainforest in many home interior shops.


Is the trend for vintage interiors ever going to disappear? It certainly doesn’t look like it will anytime soon as it is still as big as ever this year. Lots of interior designers are still using vintage-inspired furniture in their clients’ homes, and antiques are still all the rage. One reason why this trend is so enduring is probably that it can very easily be done on the cheap. If you ever need some vintage furnishings, just head to your local second-hand furniture shop, and you’ll find plenty of affordable items!

The Colour Grey

50 Shades of Grey may have been a big hit in bookstores and cinemas, but now is the time to bring 50 shades of grey into your rooms! The colour grey became one of the favourite colours of 2016 interior design, and it is still on track to take decor by storm this year. Don’t worry; grey doesn’t have to be boring. You can use it alongside white to brighten it up.

Smart Design

This year is the year when your home will become very tech savvy. Smart design is now a very big deal, and lots of homeowners are installing cool features, such as charging docks, around their home. If you haven’t already connected your heating and light system to your smartphone, it’s time to do so!
There are so many design trends for 2017, you might be spoilt for choice! But you will be sure to really enjoy the results, no matter which ones you go with in the end!

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