Interior Design Trends for 2016

I love interiors and decor – in an ideal world, where money was no object, I would have a show home perfect home. We have lived in our home for 5 years now and we redecorated the whole thing when we moved in. I’m kind of getting ready to make a few changes here and there. I’m happy with all of our furniture so we would still have to work around all of that. I just feel it is a little bland now.

It would be be so awesome to add some accent walls and pops of colour. I quite like the idea of a damask feature wall behind our bed. It would make it such a feature in the room. I am really loving the whole scandi black and white theme too and would like to update Chloe’s room to look a little like that. We’ve got her bedding and pictures in that style. I’d just like to get the walls painted again. I’m happy with Max’s room – his is my ‘Laura Ashley’ shabby style room.

Hopefully this summer we will be making some big changes – perhaps even a move – eeeeeek! If that does happen, we’ll be then looking for ways to update our home to add value. Check out this infographic to see ways that you could update your home this year and add some value to it.

Interior Design Trends for 2016

Infographic provided by Balustrade Components.

Are there any trends that you are keen to implement at home? I’d love to add a conservatory to our home. One day!


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