Interior Design Trends Summer 2018

Au Natural

Far from the days of rose gold and “blogger” marble interiors, is the Au Natural movement. Think macramé, beige tones, seamless resin flooring, house plants and natural fiber throws and cushions. Etsy is a great place to shop for items in this, and ASOS are jumping on the trend with beautiful coffee table books to top off the look. Another way you can add to this interior trend is adding wooden Venetian blinds into the mix. Not only will they compliment the earthy tones in your home, but they’ll look amazing from the outside too.


Big back in 2014, pastels are slowly making their comeback. Think ice cream coloured walls and accessories. Key items include feature walls, lamps and furniture. To embrace this trend, choose your favourite ice cream and match it to your interiors!

House Plants 

Succulents in particular are a huge trend at the moment on Instagram. Think Aloe Vera, small potted plants and a cactus or two. Plant them on your windowsills, in the bathroom, or wherever you fancy! You can’t really have enough with this trend, so go green to your heart’s content!

Return of the Tropical 

Coming back to the fold this summer is the Tropical theme. Think rich greens, striking patterns, textured golds and leaf print motifs. Not on The High Street has a large range of home ware items in this category, so why not start a Pinterest board and let your imagine run wild!

The Creative Office 

Gone are the days of the classic office vibes with large bookcases. The creative office includes coffee machines, neon signs and large armchairs that are perfect to relax in whilst typing away at your computer or laptop. Creating a home office for yourself is a great idea if you want to escape from the bustle of life and focus on your work or studies. If you lack the space to create your own office, clear a corner of a room in order to place a desk and high backed chair, you might find that having a designated area for yourself and your work will do wonders for your concentration.

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel

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