Interior Design: 5 Focal Points To Consider

One of the key aspects of interior design is the use of focal points. Focal points help to centre a room; they help to achieve a sense of cohesion and flow to the design.

However, even for those who understand the necessity for a focal point, there is some confusion as to what constitutes a focal point. If you have been struggling to create a point that ties the room together, it could be that you’ve just not found the right focal point for your particular room yet.

Below, you’ll find five — very different — options for focal points; one of which is bound to be the perfect choice for your home…

Option One: The television

Organising a room around the television is commonplace in the modern world. If this suits your lifestyle, it’s probably the easiest option. However, try and ensure that the TV is at least interesting to look at; house it in stunning furniture, or install a false wall for the device itself to “float” on.

Option Two: A fireplace

Fireplaces are the classic focal point, and an antique fireplace is a wonderful choice for a design-conscious home. One of the most wonderful things about fireplaces is that they can literally work in any room. Most of us are used to seeing them in living rooms, but they work equally well in bedrooms, offices, and even kitchens. Fireplaces don’t even have to work to function as a focal point, but it’s well worth considering installing a functioning one if you have the budget. Not only do they look great, they help increase the value of your home.

Option Three: Windows

If you have a room with a view, then the windows or doors are the natural focal point for this space. However, it’s important to really emphasise this with a few special touches. For example, you could use LED lights around the window surround, or pick a stylish tulle curtain for an extra element of texture in the room.

Option Four: Artwork

A focal point doesn’t have to be furniture! Artwork works well as a focal point if you like to change your decor frequently. You can dedicate an entire wall to hosting art as a focal point, or just an individual area— for example, a corner. Artwork isn’t the easiest thing to use as a focal point, but it’s well worth a try if you’ve tried the other options and are still struggling!

Option Five: Exposed brick walls

Your final options to create a focal point using a key component of the room— a wall. Strip a wall back to bare brick and paint it for a simple, classic focal point that no one is going to miss. Can’t face all that DIY? Not a problem— just opt for brick-effect wallpaper. While an exposed brick wall might not be the most subtle of choices due to its sheer size, it will make an effective focal point if all else fails.

Hopefully you have been able to find the perfect focal point from the options above— enjoy it!

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