Interior Trends to Look For in 2017

With Christmas and the New Year only weeks away, a lot of us will be turning to making resolutions and looking at ways to improve life. There are always the standard lose weight, eat better and go to they gym types of goals (just me)? But how about a goal to improve the look of your home? I know for me, it is always something that gets neglected. Over the past few months designers have been thinking about ends for the home. So I have been looking at the forecast to share them with you all. Some trends will carry through from this year. But other things will be quite the shake up. So here is what to look out for:


Finger or Mosaic Tiles

For a while now we have seen plenty of subway-style tiles in kitchens and bathrooms all over the place. Due to how popular those have been, it has almost made the look become less popular, if that makes sense? So for a stylish 2017 kitchen or bathroom, long, thin finger tiles are a good option. Mosaic tile splashbacks will also be a big trend for next year. So if you are thinking of changing things up a bit in your home, have a look online at what styles and colours you like. You can buy mosaic tiles at ABL Tile Centre, for example.


Dark Green

We can say goodbye to navy and dark blues when it comes to interiors next year. Dark green hues are going to be the must-have colour. When it is used on walls, perhaps as a feature wall with white, it is a nod to the Scandi style of decor that is still going to be popular. Imagine in a bedroom, for example. Team it with white linen bedding, and brass and copper accessories or lighting.

Using dark green as the choice for furniture will really add class and style. It adds such a homely feel as it brings the colours of outside in. Best used for a feature piece of furniture, tough, rather than getting a whole three-piece-suit in the colour.



So many of us work in front of screens in one way or another. So it seems now more than ever, people are looking for a bit of escapism at home. Gone is the demand for the latest flatscreen TV, but for creating a space of calm. Creating some tranquility at home is a must for most of us, right? Even if it is to scroll through Instagram in a little bit of peace and quiet.

So the way to achieve this is to choose soft and relaxed furnishings. Think sheepskin rugs or thick knit throws. It could even just be a little nook in a corner of a room, filled with floor cushions, candles and a blanket.


Jewel Colours

Lots of people have embraced the monochrome look over the past couple of years. But to be honest, it is losing some of it’s appeal these days. If you have a pretty monochrome home, then an easy way to make some changes will be using jewel tones. They will help to create a classic and stylish look. If you use sheer fabrics and silks, it will create a nice soft romantic look. Perfect to ‘warm up’ the coolness that a monochrome look can give.

Have you got any plans to redecorate anytime soon?


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