How The Internet Has Completely Changed Our Lives | #BroadbandAndMe

It’s hard to remember living before it was an option to google absolutely every query or problem we have in our day to day working lives. If only we depended on the internet just for work; from googling (yes, that’s a word!) ‘what do chicken pox look like’, to ‘how to cook rice’, business fibre has crept into our homes, and has certainly become our best friend. It’s pretty hard to envision ourselves digging out a rusty telephone book to find a local pizza delivery.


Nowadays, the internet is our main method of communication, the fastest way to keep up to date with worldwide news, the latest music and the most popular recipes. Seriously, what would we do without Netflix? The internet also provides us with the easiest way to entertain our kids on down days- oh, and imagine physically having to go shopping, in an actual shop! We can do all of these things from the comfort and convenience of our sofa just with a click, a tap or a scroll – we can do just about anything from our fingertips.

The Internet really became up and coming in 1997; it was uncommonly used and certainly wasn’t accessible worldwide. In the last decade or so, broadband has become commonplace, and mobile devices are now highly integrated with the Internet. Mobile phones and tablets have really changed everything. We have become increasingly dependent on the Internet for things we need to maintain a ‘normal’ life.


These days it’s hard to imagine life without the Internet, even though there are many of us who have grown up without the reliance of it, most members of our society are dependent in today’s world. How would today’s society cope without the Internet, if it suddenly collapsed or ‘went off-line’? The answer is simple, we wouldn’t. One day offline in the workplace, and the office collapses. It becomes an impossible task.

Is there really anything worse than composing a lengthy email, and then the server crashing? Such a frustrating moment in time may take you back a few decades; the next thing you know, the dial up internet tone will be ringing in your imagination. This just shouldn’t be happening in our era. Broadband is key for any working environment. Business fibre is becoming increasingly essential for both consumers and sellers. Without superfast broadband, consumers may miss out. In businesses with a great number of employees, superfast broadband ensures that employees do not have to rival for access to slack, inconsistent and limited broadband. In such a fast paced day and age, slow internet is just not the rage.

In the modern world, there is a need for flexible working. Whether you have a disability and struggle to get to the office, or you’re composing emails whilst breastfeeding, the working world should be giving employees access to flexible working to suit every individuals needs. Business fibre services should be provided for businesses to provide flexible working for employees so that they can work from home due to their personal circumstances, but also so that they can access the company’s systems as if they were in the office. Having this super fast broadband in the home also allows us to use the internet for recreational use, providing the perfect work-life balance.

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