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Several factors come into play when it comes to fulfilling your managerial role in either your business or as an employee of an organization.

This role comes with equally many tasks, and how you decide to manage your company will contribute significantly to either its failure or success in the market.

Managing a business demands that you stay alert and constantly on the lookout for opportunities to increase productivity, expand the business, and, most importantly, satisfy your customers’ needs.

The nature of this job can complicate things a little and make it appear very problematic. So, to help you with most of the challenges that are likely to come your way, here is a list of advice that has stood the test of time, that should help you on your leadership journey. 

Listen To Your Team

It takes good listening skills to be a good business manager.

The advantages of listening to your employees can be visible in different ways. For example, when viewed in terms of innovation, as a business manager, you can encourage the thoughts and opinions of your employees through rewards, bonuses, and brainstorming sessions in the office.

When viewed in terms of boosting productivity and maintaining your employee’s proactivity, allow your employees to engage, make suggestions, and source fresh ideas openly. Remember that ideas don’t always have to come from the top brass. Junior employees can also give meaningful feedback and valuable information on current trends.

Further, taking the time to listen to feedback and insights from your employees can help you come up with an employee retention strategy. You can do this by initiating a listening program that encourages your employees to speak honestly about their concerns.

Set, And Follow Existing Rules

Rules should be followed, and a good business manager strives to be on the right side of the law. For instance, as a good manager, you should ensure that all your important company documents are kept safely and are easily accessible. Register for VAT with HMRC as early as possible and avoid future inconveniences.

Rules and regulations keep an organization’s activities in check. They also protect your business and create a fair business environment with your competitors.

When you follow the rules, even your customers and the community around your business stand to gain. First, they will be working with a less frustrating business. Secondly, they will be assured of your company’s credibility and feel safe doing business with you.

Notably, rules don’t have to be external. It would help if you had internal set guidelines, such as a code of conduct that all employees should follow. Obeying these rules as a manager serves as a good example to your employees and clients.

Keep, And Update Your Business Records

Keeping records will come in handy when your business needs to make big plans and decisions in the future. A clear record makes it even easier to go through and analyze.

Part of your job as a business manager is monitoring and accounting for everything that goes on in the business. Keep a record of all the milestones your business makes, the few failures, and key takeaways.

Keep track of all your sales and cash flow to help you determine how much money your business gets, spends, and retains.

Keeping your records is also an excellent way to stay updated on the debts owed by your business and develop a strategic payment plan.

The records you keep should not solely be about the company. For example, keep your client and employee information to allow you to include them in your business plan. In addition, you can save information about their residents, contact numbers, and addresses. Using a site like Qualtrics, you should also record and keep note of staff develop plans and training too.

Don’t Settle For Less

A good business manager never compromises the quality of products or services they purchase from other businesses or provide to their customers.

As a business manager, you should ensure that your business provides the best for its customers. In any case you decide to take away a service, or an ingredient on your products, make sure the clients are aware.

Compromising on quality will negatively affect your business by reducing its profitability, tainting the good image you have strived to build, and directly affecting production costs.

Your customers will enjoy a product or service that fully satisfies their needs. After all, no one wants to spend more and get less.

To be assured of quality, talk to your team about it, and purpose to make any changes together.

Stick To Your Word

Building the brand of your dreams requires doing as you say. However, when you promise your clients and fail to deliver, it breaks the trust they have put in you.

Always make sure you deliver to clients without fail. Make an effort to build trust, and encourage loyalty. With a strong relationship with your clients, they will most likely recommend you to other people. As a result, your business builds and retains a more extensive client base.

For example, if your company plans to deliver to a client by a specific date, make sure it happens. If there will be any changes, contact the client and talk to them about it early enough. Explain the reasons that may have led to the delays, and assure them that you will deliver. After that, set a new date and fulfill your promise.

There Is No Shame In Consulting

Contrary to many people’s thinking, accepting that you do not know much about something is nothing to be ashamed about. If possible, this is an opportunity to learn and master it.

For effective and more productive management, involve experts in your business’s daily undertakings. Pick a professional and experienced consultant, and let them educate you on the critical affairs of your business.

Take this chance to involve your employees in this learning process. You can do it in the form of an event or internal workshop. Consulting with an expert will give your business a fresh and fair perspective that is not biased.

 Embrace Technology

Technology is rapidly advancing and converting the world into a tiny global village. As time goes, most companies and organizations are going online. For instance, today, almost every business is on at least one social media platform and has a website providing customers with detailed information about the business and the relevant contacts.

The ways in which you can employ technology to work best for your business are many and limitless. Social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, infographics, and employee management software and apps are the most common forms. 

It would be better if you did not miss out on the opportunity to employ modern technology and boost your business’s performance. Using technology in the right ways for your business will not only benefit your clients and company. It will also help the employees that you manage in the following ways:

·        Simplify their work

·        Boost their production speed

·        Provides them with a communicative business environment

·        Inspire, and encourage them to cultivate a culture of creativity

·        Builds their innovativeness

·        Encourages them to work together and build a robust and reliable team

For your business, embracing technology will enable you to:

·        Explore new opportunities and possible market gaps

·        Secure all your business’s data and protect it from cybercriminals

·        Critically analyze all the existing data, and use to act accordingly towards expansion

·        Communicate effectively and efficiently with customers

·        Reach a larger audience in marketing

·        Have a variety of options and diverse marketing methods that will all birth positive results.

Stay Consistent

Building a business from scratch and managing a constant flow of income is not a walk in the path. It requires sacrifice, ambition, and consistency.

Consistency will align all the efforts you put into your business. It will also enable you to give a better definition of your brand image, challenges, and how to come up with a solution.

Doing a great campaign once a year is pointless. For this campaign to bring your desired results, you will have to invest in it and run it a few more times in the year. It is easier to analyze the performance of a particular strategy if you do it consistently.

Consistency will also motivate your employees to put in more effort like you are doing. To achieve high levels of consistency, you will need to:

·        Create a good business plan that will create a strong foundation

·        Set SMART goals in the plan; for instance, these goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and set a specific timeline to achieve them. These goals will enable you to develop functional systems to sustain your consistency.

Above all, staying consistent with your strategies will mean nothing if you are not flexible. Stay open to various changes in market trends, new techniques, and other dynamics.


Managing a business comes with a lot of responsibilities you cannot compromise or exchange for another. If you want to be a better business manager and see your company explore its fuller potentials, use the ideas on this list as a guide. However, you should not limit yourself. Instead, find more creative ways to save your time and money.

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  • Thank you for sharing all these tips!
    In the early years of a business, it’s important to save on costs wherever possible. One way to do this is to buy used equipment and other secondhand items for your business. You’d be surprised how much you can save on items that are as good as new, just because someone else has owned that product before you. Or, you can also consider leasing equipment.
    Cutting costs at the beginning will help you stay afloat when income is usually not very large.