Top Tips for World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. Did you know that over 11 million people in the UK have a recognised mental health problem in any one week? It is also estimated that around 75% of those people don’t get the treatment that they need. The world is a at a bit of a crisis point when it comes to mental health. A day like today is so needed, because as an old TV ad used to say, it’s good to talk. We all need to spend time learning how we can better look after our own mental health, as well as help others.

Although we know we should care about mental health, there are very few of us who have been taught how the mind works. We all learn anatomy and some basics around physiology and the body at school, but unless you want to study the mind at University, where else do you learn this kind of thing?

Alongside that, many of us don’t even understand our emotions and how and why we have them. Without this kind of understanding of the unconscious mind, we simply do not have the tools to be able cope. A common diagnosis of mental health issues are things like stress, anxiety and depression. But actually, these are not mental illnesses; they are signals from our system telling us that there is something wrong in our life and that we need to change something in order to deal with it.

So, where do you start with this kind of thing? We need to all learn how to become self-aware, improve our levels of self-esteem, be authentic, have a vision and goals for life, and take steps to become self-empowered. Here are some more tips to get you started:

Self Awareness

Take five minutes at the start of the day, sit and breathe deeply and slowly. Think about what you have going on that day and who you are. Reflect on those thoughts.

Self Esteem

Any spare moment that you have during the day, say to yourself I love who I am. If you don’t feel like you can say that, then why not?


At the start of the day, choose a conversation that you know is coming up and then consciously stop pretending to be someone else. Be consciously authentic in the conversation and with what you say. When you are feeling brave, make the conversation about something you are struggling with. 

Life Vision

At the end of the day, it is important to ask yourself what activities or conversations have helped you get closer to your long-term goals. Think about what’s coming up, this can help you move towards those goals.


While you’re walking or exercising during the day, go inside and feel the energy and power moving round your body. Repeat to yourself in your mind that you are powerful. You are the one making your life happen, and repeat.

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