Is CBD Oil For Pets Really That Good?

I don’t know if it’s me, but everywhere I go these days, I hear people talking about Cannabidiol and its effects on animals. I wasn’t very interested in this topic previously, even though I do have two pets. Recently, however, I have started developing this interest and researching the products. Perhaps that’s why I’m now hearing a lot about it everywhere I go. Come to think of it, I might even be the one starting the topic.

If you are a pet owner yourself, you have probably heard about CBD oil for pets as well and it must have sparked up your curiosity. Hearing that there is something that could enhance your animal’s quality of life is enough to interest you. Hearing that that “something” is closely related to cannabis is definitely going to interest you even more.

What People Are Falsely Thinking

During my research, I have found that different people have different opinions about these products, which is perfectly normal. What strikes me as surprising, though, is the fact that there are far too many individuals who still don’t get the difference between CBD and marijuana. It literally takes 20 seconds to learn this.

All you have to do is type something like “marijuana vs. CBD” in your browser, and there it is, all laid out on a silver platter. I can’t even count the number of times I have read something like “CBD is not psychoactive”, or “it cannot get your pet high”. I would have thought that people would get it by now, since the whole Internet is practically screaming that Cannabidiol is a safe and non-psychoactive substance.

I guess I am screaming it too now, which is rather unnecessary. Nevertheless, I needed to express my frustration with people ignorant enough not to check the facts, but vocal enough to voice their completely wrong opinions. It’s always better to stay silent if you don’t have anything substantial to say. Otherwise, you will just be spreading false information and giving bloggers the task to bust the myths that you have spread.

Speaking of that, here are a few myths that have already been busted:

What’s Actually True

Even though you might be a little bit informed about CBD oil and its effects on pets, you cannot help but wonder whether it is really that good as it is advertised. Maybe you have grown up learning to be wary of advertising, which is a good thing as long as you don’t exaggerate. There is real advertising and there is false advertising and now we will learn which category the advertising of CBD oils fall in.

If nothing else, you have heard that this product can help ease your pet’s pain and inflammation, which led to it being advertised as a cure for arthritis. You really need to be extra careful when reading about CBD and assuming that reading the title and the subtitles is enough will only cause you to form some false opinions. Let’s see what this means when it comes to arthritis.

When chronic arthritis is in question, there is no way that CBD oil can cure it. What remains true, however, is that it can ease the pain as well as other related symptoms and you can actually see your animal become happier and more active even though it is suffering from arthritis. Now use this logic for the rest of the things that Cannabidiol is said to be good for, such as the ones you can see here, and it will be clear whether it is really that good or not.

Let me give you one more example. When you hear someone say that CBD oil can cure cancer, you know that they have taken some truthful information and spun it to appear shocking. In other words, it doesn’t cure cancer, but it does fight bad cancer cells successfully. The same goes for epilepsy. It doesn’t cure it, but it does alleviate epileptic seizures and decrease their frequency.

So, Is It Really That Good?

The truth is that CBD oil really is awesome for your pets. It’s just that some people have taken their praises too far and now we expect the product to work miracles, which is definitely impossible. If you get your information from reliable sources and keep your expectations realistic, you will definitely be happy with CBD.

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