Is Now Really The Right Time To Move?

Moving home is a big time in your life, no matter how many times you’ve packed up and moved one before. It’s a huge decision to make, and we all know the amount of hassle involved in the process! You’ve got to find your new home, secure it, clean and declutter, then pack up and try to move in in good time – it can be a real mess! 

But before you roll your sleeves up and get stuck in, it’s a good idea to sit back and consider if moving is the right choice right now. Sure, you’d love to find somewhere new to call your own, but should you wait a little longer? Let’s go through the possibilities below. 

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What’s Going on in Your Life?

First of all, think about the way you’re living right now. And if you moved, how would that change? Would you be away from friends and family? Would your work schedule be impacted? Would the kids get on well being away from their own social circle? Could you even just nip out for a takeaway on Friday evenings any more? These all need serious consideration before you take the plunge! 

Could You Get a Good Mortgage?

A ‘good’ mortgage has many definitions, but mostly it’s one that has low interest, a good term, and you’re happy to pay it off. But getting a hold of one such mortgage is a lot harder than anyone will tell you! You’re going to need a good credit score, some impeccable references, and hardy proof that you’re capable of paying the bills. 

Before you go into a mortgage meeting, make sure your banking history is mostly positive; if you like to play the lottery, for example, go awhile without buying a ticket. But don’t worry if you’ve got bad credit – you can look into bad credit mortgages that’ll still benefit you in the housing market. Some providers work solely to help out people in your situation, and it won’t prevent you from finding a new home. 

Maybe it Would Be Cheaper to Renovate?

And if you finally decide that moving might not be for you, don’t despair. You can turn to trying out renovating instead – fitting in a new kitchen or bathroom or knocking a wall through might be just what you’re looking for right now. Creating some more space to make use of, or changing the function of a room for the better can make your home a much more harmonious place to be. 

Indeed, renovating is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new home as well! So even if you do think you could manage moving, you should also take this into consideration. If you’re moving because you don’t have enough room, adding an extension onto your home or converting the loft or the garage will save you a lot of hassle. 

Moving right now might not work out well for you. Double check before you invest in a new property.

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