Is Pest Control Safe For Young Children, Babies and Toddlers?

Seeing or just thinking about filthy cockroaches, flies or mice moving around in your house is enough to make you cringe. It is even more embarrassing when you have visitors around; it paints a bad image of you. However, most homeowners and especially those with young babies and toddlers, have more to worry about than just the pest infestation. They have to think about baby-friendly pest prevention and control techniques for the sake of the young ones’ health, which can be an overwhelming task. This guide talks about everything you need to know about babies in relation to pest control techniques.

What You Need To Know About Babies, Pests and Pesticides

Pests and some chemical compounds found in most pesticides are generally quite harmful to people, when misused. Most pests shed off their skin and often leave behind fecal matter, which can cause allergic reactions, among other health issues. The immune system of toddlers and young children is still developing, making them more susceptible than adults. Additionally, the fact that most babies crawl rather than walk increases their risk of exposure to these harmful elements. Their tendency to taste things also puts them at risk of coming into contact with contaminated objects, which are a threat to their health. Therefore, if you have babies toddling around, ensure that you go for baby-safe pest prevention and control procedures.

What Are the Risks of Choosing the Wrong Pest Prevention and Control Practices?

Using wrong pest treatment options when you have toddlers around brings along several risks, which are as listed below:

Most pesticides contain harmful chemicals. If kids get exposed to them, they may negatively affect their developing immune system since they have a low tolerance to strong chemicals.

Pesticides are mostly in the form of liquid or powder substances. If not properly stored or labelled, babies may consume them, thinking they are edible products. When consumed, they cause poisoning.

Most pests and pesticides are known to cause allergic reactions when they get into contact with the skin. The babies’ skin is still young and developing; thus, they are more likely to suffer from skin reactions.

Inhaling the harmful pesticides can cause breathing and other respiratory problems such as asthma.

In extreme cases, if children get exposed to these harmful products over long periods, they may suffer from learning disabilities or even childhood cancer.

How to Minimize the Risks Associated With Pest Prevention and Control Techniques?

With the risks mentioned above in mind, it would be advisable to undertake pest prevention and control procedures with caution. Depending on your abilities, you can control pest using small scale Do It Yourself (DIY) practices or through hired professional services from pest treatment companies. In both cases, you should try to minimize the risks as much as possible.

When using DIY techniques, you can reduce risks through the following simple tips:

Avoid storing pesticides and chemicals in food or drink containers.

Ensure that you keep the harmful chemicals out of reach of children.

Read and understand instructions on the packaging before using any pesticide.

Seal the containers tightly after every use.

How to Choose a Baby-Friendly Pest Prevention and Control Company

If you are considering hiring professional services, the following tips will help you choose the right company.

Ask whether the company provides preventive measures if toddlers are around.

Go for a company whose employees are professionally trained and certified and who have experience in servicing homes with babies.

Enquire to be sure that only natural and baby-friendly pesticides will be used during the process. You can get the details on the safety data sheet offered by the company.

Ask the professionals whether you should stay indoors or you should leave during servicing.

Do not compromise on cost if the deal is too good; think twice before settling for it.

Hiring professional services can be overwhelming, especially if you do not know which company to trust. It is important to hire a professional pest control company for all your pest treatment and control needs. Consider companies that have years of experience in pest prevention and control like They offer a free inspection with same day services to their clients. They seek to first understand the life cycle of the pests in your home before commencing on the control process. It is also important that the company considers the health of your babies by using baby-friendly pest control techniques.

In conclusion, pest prevention and control have evolved over the years with noticeable advancements in the equipment, application technologies and safety regulations.

With babies crawling around and putting any item into their mouths, you need to find a solution that will not put their health in jeopardy. Therefore, as a parent, you should be ready to go the extra mile in search of a baby-safe pest prevention technique.

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