Should I do IVF egg donation after 40?

Planning a pregnancy after 40 is becoming more common in the UK and also in the US. Women after 40 are faced with reality: it is very hard to get pregnant at this age, however, it does naturally happen (though extremely rarely). When you are 40, you stand about a 5% chance of becoming pregnant during the course of your menstrual cycle. That doesn’t give much hope.

The first IVF baby was born 40 years ago and this method of reproduction keeps bringing hope and happiness to many heterosexual and homosexual couples and single women. If your first thought is to turn to NHS for free treatment, you might be disappointed. You must have heard of the NHS post-code lottery limiting IVF treatment to certain patients. Some Clinical Commissioning Groups offer treatment only for women aged up to 38 or 40. It is a very narrow bracket. This also means that even if your 40th birthday is in a few months, you might not be eligible for free treatment.


If not NHS, then what?

The option for you then are private IVF egg donation clinics abroad which offer treatment to women aged up to 50. Age is a factor in IVF success, however, the most important is the embryo quality. The healthier the egg and sperm, the better quality embryo you can expect. Therefore, in case of IVF patients over 40, stimulation with own eggs is not usually recommended as you might not get good results. Usually fertility doctors recommend IVF with donor eggs as a more reliable method. This is because donor eggs, which come from young, healthy donors (18-26 y.o.) definitely increase the chances of pregnancy. Read egg donation reviews to find

Becoming a mother after 40

Forty is now the new thirty. Thanks to modern medicine and advanced ART (artificial reproduction technologies) becoming a mother after 40 is not impossible as it was in the past. Should you try IVF with donor eggs? It is definitely worth having an initial consultation with your GP and then a fertility specialist. You can choose to speak to a doctor in your local fertility clinic or have a free online consultation with a specialist from one of the renowned international clinics abroad. Think Spain, Greece or Ukraine. Before you decide to do the treatment, do thorough research, read, watch webinars with doctors, educate yourself well on IVF. Surely, you also want to know about your chances of getting pregnant with donor eggs – find out more on success rates of IVF egg donation after 40 on

You can also join Facebook IVF 40+ closed groups to meet and chat with more women your age, exchange thoughts and experiences. Also read egg donation reviews of patients who had already had successful IVF treatment and are proud parents.

Before you embark on your IVF journey, make sure your health is in top condition this winter and feel fantastic in mind, body and soul.

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