Japanese Inspired Gifts for Christmas

If you love to travel, or have friends and family members that love to travel, then getting them a gift this Christmas relating to travel could be a good idea. No one has been able to hop on a plane as easily as before, so no doubt there will have been a number of cancelled travel plans this year.

Some travel gifts that could work well are gifts with a Japanese theme. Japanese gifts can look good, as well as be practical around the home. And if the person you are buying for has ever been to Japan, then no doubt they are already converted to everything to do with the culture. My older sister and her family lived in Japan for three years, and they love everything about it, so I know Japanese gifts would work well for her.

Japanese Bowl Duo

I have been sent this lovely Japanese bowl duo, which I think would make a great choice for a Christmas gift. At £14.99 it is pretty inexpensive really, but what you get is good sized bowls that are perfectly decorated, with a nod to Japanese design.

The set of bowls can be used to serve portions of rice with a main meal, as well as being a good size for serving individual portions of salad or soup. Heck, they could be used for cereal as they are a good size, but the design of them might be too good for everyday use like that!

Each set of bowls comes with two bowls- one blue and one pink. They are decorated with a traditional Japanese style, using sprays of leaves and plants. If you have a friend or family member that loves to travel, as well as being a bit of a foodie, then this could work great for them.

Some other Japanese inspired gifts that you might like to give for Christmas this year:

Black Japanese Tea Set – £49.50

I think this is an amazing choice for anyone that loves tea, and is looking for something really different. It would look great serving to guests, as well as having on display in the kitchen. Every black Japanese tea set comes with a gift box, so that it is ready to give as a present to any tea lover.

Sakura Blossom Sake Set – £35.00

First of all, how pretty is this? Even if it was just used for display purposes, it is so pretty with the cherry blossom design (which is what sakura means in Japanese). The handle-less cups are a good size for enjoying Japan’s famous rice wine. The fact that the cups are wide means that you can enjoy the aromas of the sake as it is being drank, which is great for small gatherings or events.

Kuro To Shiro Sushi Serving Set – £29.99

If you know some sushi lovers then this is a good choice for a gift. it looks good, and isn’t something that many people are going to have, or would think to buy themselves, which is why it is a good choice. A plate for the sushi, as well as chopsticks, and a dipping bowl each means that you’re going to be enjoying sushi in style from now on.

Cats Chopstick Rest Set – £15.00

This is another thing that a foodie or Japan-lover is unlike to just buy for themselves, but the cats chopstick rest set adds some instant cuteness and quirkiness to your table. Each set comes with four chopstick rests that are shaped like curled up, sleeping cats, and they are utterly adorable. Would make good decorations on a shelf when not in use on the table.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? It would be great to hear what you think, and if you’ve got a favourite gift here!

*this is a collaborative post – all opinions are my own, and I would only recommend something that I would purchase myself.

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