Three Reasons Why I Keep A Journal

I remember writing a journal when I was younger of the day to day things that we did. I recorded when we went swimming or what I had done that day. A very basic run through of my day, but it must have been noteworthy to little eight or nine year old me. When I was a teenager I was a bit more sporadic at writing a journal. But I found it was more and more about thoughts and feelings rather than just what I had been up to.

My parents moved house just a couple of years ago and so they were having a sort through of lots of our things. I found some old journals from my teen years, including poems I had written and random thoughts on different people at school and plenty about boys! It was so funny to read back and see where I was in my head all of that time ago. Quite bitter and angry it seems at some points too haha.


From there I have always kept somewhat of a journal. This blog is an extension of my journal, but I don’t share absolutely everything on here. So I still have a journal that I keep private to share my thoughts and feelings. Do you keep a journal or have a personal organiser or diary to keep you organised and up to date with what is happening in your life? If you don’t, then maybe this year is the time to start? Here is why I love it:

It is Therapeutic

Writing in general, whether that is on here or on paper, is really therapeutic. It is relaxing for me at least. I find that writing out my thoughts and feelings with someone who doesn’t answer back or doesn’t try to solve the problems helps me too. There is no judgement. It helps to take the edge of some feelings I suppose and helps me to work through things. Even if it is that I am just feeling overwhelmed, or if i am struggling with something. Once it has been taken off my mind, so to speak, it helps to give a bot of clarity. If anything it just makes me realise how crazy I sound sometimes!



You Get To Know Yourself

One thing I noticed when I was reading back my old teenage journals was just how much I have changed. Though I was much slimmer than I am now and looked physically a lot nicer, I was so insecure about it. I am an introvert too and pretty shy, even more so back then. So reading it back was almost a little painful. But it shows me how much I have changed and have grown in confidence (despite looking much worse now lol). I see now how I solve problems and deal with certain situations. So now I am more conscious of how I deal with things and in what ways I respond best.


You Keep a Record

Like I have read my journals back, theoretically so could my family members in the future. My kids can read them and realise that mum did go through a lot of the stuff that they are going through. I hope that is the case anyway. Equally, keeping a journal and jotting down what I do for my  daily activities and thoughts on things, also brings a hit of the very ‘now’ buzzword hygge into your life. After all, it’s all about living in the moment and capturing those precious memories.


*thanks to Pen Heaven for my beautiful leather embossed organiser.

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